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Website (Donna Welty)- will check with webmaster to add information for 2011 National

Webstore (Jim Hough) Done! Will write something up to be added to announce

Neogram (Troy Stroud)- Has one printer’s price quote; still waiting for second printer

Membership (Cathy DeLuca)
Below is email that Cathy sent to me on October 8th - sorry to have missed it with all the other emails!!!

Peggy Wolfe created a list of member emails to use for info-"blasting" with USNMC updates on the Neogram, bylaws, Neo tips, who to contact in the club with member questions, update on trophies for Nat Specialty, etc to the membership (so that members feel communicated with from the club).  This is totally separate from the Yahoogroups list people can sign up for on Neapolitan.org. 

Cathy DeLuca will be sending this out around Oct 11 or 12.
The Membership Committee is going to try to do a short blast each month when possible.

Below is email received 10/29/10


1. Confirming that pursuant to by-laws the deadline for renewing membership is January 31, 2011 with an additional 30 days so that makes the absolute dropdead deadline March 2, 2011.
2. Do you want the Code of Ethics sent out each and every year?
3. Can our members pay via Paypal.  People like to do this.
4. Add section for signed permission to post info on website

Please advise..thanks
Additional info and answers printed in black
Best regards,

Cathy DeLuca

Fundraising (Jim Hough) - most of trophies for 2011 National sold, new Webstore up

Judges’ and Public ED (Sharon Costello) - two judges’ seminar to be given - one at Lansing, MI show (Dec. 3rd) (Dr. Dennis Dafnis presenter; Troy Stroud assisting) and Judges’ Seminar in Cleveland, Ohio (December 10-13)( Dennis Dafnis, presenter; Troy Stroud, assistant). Dogs will be needed.

Historian - no report

Bylaws (Jim Hough) Committee ( Jim, Donna Welty, Peggy Wolfe) has not met yet. Discussion on revising Code of Ethics with emphasis on health testing occurred. Mindy Aaron-McElyea and Heidi Brown would like to join committee.

Legislation (Rita Biddle) - Ms. Biddle gave brief summary on current issues. The Sportsman Alliance is a fairly new association that has become pro-active in protecting pet ownership, fishing, hunting and conservation. They are one of a few groups that can provide a listing of politicians’ platforms on animal welfare/animal rights.

Health Committee (Independent Committee) - no report submitted
BOD discussed OFA and/or Penn Hip testing. Troy Stroud moved to ask the Health Committee re: their suggested health criteria which will be responded back to BOD by December 1, 2010. Motion seconded by Sharon Costello. Vote - all ayes

NeoRescue, Inc (Independent Committee) - no report submitted.

2011 National ( Jim Hough, showchair) - Imbimbo is working on AKC application and permission from ENCI. Anne Thomas and Kathleen Steen - showchairs of Atlanta K.C. and Douglasville K.C. have been contacted. Working on hotel - more information to follow.
Attendance:  Dr. Dafnis,  Joe Attaway,  Donna Welty,  Sharon Costello,  Rita Biddle,  Heidi Brown, Jim Hough,  Mindy Aaron-McElyea,  Troy Stroud,  Susan Vann-Spruill

Absent: Carlos Calderon

Meeting called to order at 9:10 PM EST

Motion made to accept minutes from October 20, 2010 as printed made by Mindy Aaron - McElyea; seconded by Heidi Brown. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message:  Dr. Dafnis welcomed everyone to meeting.

Secretary’s Report:
     Correspondence sent:  Certificates were sent to those who participated at Meet the Breeds in NYC.
     Correspondence received: Email from Westminster;  email re: Ugo’s  diagnosis; email from Marilyn Harban re: judge’s unpaid hotel bill

New Members: Still waiting for second sponsor for few names!
Sharon Costello received applications and monies for new subscribers: Joseph Cione, Kim Schmitt, Debra Bruns and Andrew Penn

Treasurer’s Report:
Business Checking
United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club  
Account Summary  
Opening balance 10/01  $3,396.29
Deposits and other credits $591.00+
Checks $348.60-
Other withdrawals and service fees $50.00-(Delaware Inc. renewal fee)
Closing balance 10/29 $3,588.69
Small Business High Performance Mm  
Account Summary  
Opening balance 10/01    $13,008.75
Interest paid  $0.52+
Closing balance 10/29 $13,008.75
Special Thank you to Cathy DeLuca for her fundraising of trophy monies!!!!
Irene O’Connor has given 2008 and 2009 financial accounting to a new accountant

Committee Reports
Old Business
     AKC Breeder of Merit Program needs to be researched

New Business

    Suggestion made that if no dire decisions need to be made - next meeting date ( December 8th) be devoted to individual committee meeting. ( Next full BOD meeting would be Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 at 9PM EST

Next Meeting Date - Wednesday, December 8, 2010 at 9 PM EST tentative!

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 PM EST as moved by Rita Biddle