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NOVEMBER 8, 2009
In attendance: Dr. Scalia; Heather Giallella; Donna Welty; Sharon Costello; Joe Attaway; Rita Biddle; Heidi Brown; Carlos Calderon; Mindy Mc Elyea; Nydia Thornton; Susan Vann-Spruill

Meeting called to order
at 9:19 PM by Vice President Giallella, President Scalia called a few minutes later and proceeded to conduct the meeting.

Minutes from October 18, 2009 Board meeting accepted as printed as moved by Heather Giallella and seconded by Susan Vann-Spruill.  Vote taken all ayes.

Minutes from emergency Board Meeting held on October 28, 2009 Board meeting accepted as printed as moved by Heather Giallella and seconded by Joe Attaway. Vote taken all ayes.

President’s message: Dr. Scalia summarized his efforts to organize the Eukanuba Meet the Breeds booth, has contacted club member Anthony Gomez, and will contact Kendail Gonzales to seek their participation. Dr. Scalia inquired if all BOD had received a copy of an ethics compliant recently submitted.

Secretary’s Report:

Correspondence sent: 2010 National Hotel contract for email vote by BOD moved by Joe Attaway, seconded by Heidi Brown; sent email with results of email vote: 8 yes responses from 8 remaining BOD; Board replacement vote listing the names of Carlos Calderon, Anthony Gomez, Kendail Gonzales, Melinda McElyea and Peggy Wolfe for email vote by BOD; Sent results of BOD replacement vote listing following results- Carlos Calderon- 3/Anthony Gomez -2/ Kendail Gonzales- 1/Melinda McElyea -6/ Peggy Wolfe -2; Congratulations email to 2 ( Calrlos and Mindy )new BOD via email; packets of helpful information to new BOD members; and email stating results of vote to remaining nominees for BOD.

Correspondence received: Sue Luedemann’s letter of resignation from BOD effective immediately; email from club member Jim Hough volunteering to be on any committee that needs help; email from Cathy DeLuca stating that the remaining ten associate members have received letters notifying them of their new full member status; letter from AKC Eukanuba Meet the Breeds requesting contact for booth; letter from Western Judges Association inquiring if we would like to do a seminar for their judges’ weekend to be held on March 25 -27 of 2010.

Treasurer’s Report:

Business Checking
10/01/2009 thru 10/30/2009
Account Owner(s): United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club

Account Summary
Opening Balance 10/01  $5,158.50
Checks, Heather Welty/postage $    32.15-
Other withdrawals and service fees $    44.50-
Closing balance 10/30 $5,081.85
Number Amount Date posted Number Amount
1122 $32.15 10/30 Total $32.15
Other Withdrawals and Service Fees
Date Amount Description
Total $44.50
Daily Balance Summary
Dates Amount Dates Amount
10/07 $5,114.00 10/30 $5,081.85
Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary
Opening balance 10/01 $13,001.74
Interest Paid $        0.53+
Closing balance 10/30 $13,002.27
Deposits and Other Credits
Date Amount Description
10/30 $0.53 Interest From 10/01/2009 Through 10/30/2009
Two checks have been received - one from Dan Refrow for $125 and one from Charina Smith for $125 for ads in Neogram.

One check has been sent to AKC in amount of $100.00 for National applications.

Bills to be presented to be paid - Total of $80.01 to Donna Welty for copying and mailing of helpful information to new BOD. Nydia Thornton moved to pay bill of $80.01. Heather Giallella seconded. Vote - all ayes.
Committee Reports

Membership - Report from Cathy Deluca received - see above Secretary’s Report. Joe Attaway added that the committee is currently working on the club’s membership renewal letters and they have compiled a survey. The Board is to review the survey before mailing.

Website - Committee (Dan Renfrow, Donna Welty, Joe Attaway and Nydia Thornton) have contacted a few webmasters and the committee’s recommendation is to employ Barbara Laird as our new Webmaster. Her charges would include $400.00 to develop, $100 annual fee to make once a month updates on site and $50.00 annual fee to host website. Therefore, after the initial creation - the total fee for a year will be $150.00 for monthly updates and hosting services
(versus the $44.50 per month currently being paid). Sharon Costello moves to accept Barbara Laird’s proposal stating $400 for creation and $150 annual fee. Nydia Thornton seconds. Vote - all ayes.  Donna will notify Barbara Laird.

Neogram - reported

This issue of the Neogram is almost complete.  We are aiming to have it submitted to the printer by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. I never received a transcript of the interview with Palazzo so that will not be running.  The issue is full at this time but we will be starting on the next issue right away and we will need content and ads asap for that.  If anyone knows anyone that wants an ad or wants to submit content we would be very grateful.

Respectfully submitted,
Heather D. Welty

Health - No report submitted

Dr. Scalia reported that the Health website is up and running and that the committee is seeking volunteers.

Fundraising -
Trophy and pledge forms have been posted on club website.  Nydia Thornton has posted on other Neapolitan sites and is accepting trophy pledges.  Question has arisen if people can pay by PayPal. Need more information on whether club has an account or not.  Questions on the monthly charge of $44.50 paid to Pay Pal.  Susan Vann- Spruill offers to call PayPal and seek clarification. Sharon Costello offers to call bank to seek further clarification.

Judges’ Ed/ Public Ed - Committee members Pierluigi Scalia, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Sharon Costello, Rita Biddle
No report - still trying to finalize Standard Committee meeting scheduled for Jan/Feb of 2010. Donna Welty moves to temporarily put on hold the Public Ed committee assignment. Rita Biddle seconds. Vote - all ayes

Historian -
No report.  Following assignments have been given: Written history- Peggy Wolfe; Compilation of original paperwork - Sharon Costello; Powerpoint presentation of history of Neogram and featured dogs - Anthony Gomez and Donna Welty

Peggy Wolfe has entertained a question on the limitations of offices - Heather Giallella and Donna Welty will look into current wording in question.

A compliant has been received, a check submitted and copies sent to each of board members. Compliant will be tabled for tonight’s meeting in the interest of the board giving the compliant its full attention. Secretary will contact person sending compliant.  ( Rita Biddle signs off phone conference - she is attending her Nationals and has tied up her host’s phone for over an hour)

NeoRescue, Inc.
No formal report. New website up and running. Newsletter will be sent to BOD.

2010 Nationals
Mr. Ernesto Campo is trophy chair
AKC application needs following information
Show Secretary- (Mr. Adrian Sanchez)
Need name for Puppy Sweeps and Veteran
Due to time constraints, will mail application to AKC incomplete

Old Business
Eukanuba Meet the Breeds
December 12th and 13th
Club WILL have a booth for Meet the Breeds
Secretary will notify AKC
Raleigh Tar Heel Cluster
Club will have a SUPPORTED ENTRY on March 26 and 27 2010

New Business
Need to take a vote from club members re: Atimana and Neogram
There will be a breed comparison seminar at Westminster
Presenter- Dr. Scalia

Next BOD meeting should be December 13th - which is Eukanuba weekend
December is an extremely busy month
Suggested that next BOD meeting be held on Wednesday, December 9th with the only agenda item be the ethics complaint.

Meeting adjourned at 10:48 PM EST moved by Sharon Costello