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Attendance:  Dr. Dennis Dafnis, Joe Attaway, Donna Welty, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown,  Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann Spruill

Absent: Sharon Costello, Jim Hough, Carlos Calderon ( called in last 15 minutes )

Meeting called to order at 9:10 PM EST

Motion made by Mindy Aaron-McElyea, seconded by Rita Biddle, to accept Minutes from September 8, 2010 as printed.

President’s Message: President Dafnis welcomed all to meeting

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: Various emails re: club business, legislative updates, contact with AKC;
Correspondence received: emails re: Chattanooga Specialty, emails re: Meet the Breeds, incomplete membership application from Carlo Pietroniro for membership and breed mentor.

Treasurer’s Report: No report at this time
Question asked re: IRS filing status
Joe Attaway suggested name of presenter from AKC Parent Club Conference - Dedmond R.Swisrich ( ? spelling)

Committee Reports:
Website - Donna Welty reported that some information had been added re: 2011 National. She stated that she thought Jim Hough has been working on adding a page link with more complete information.

Webstore:  Jim Hough has established a page with items for sale.

Neogram: Troy Stroud is waiting for additional price quotes. One quote was secured from old printer( Good Impressions ) for approximately $1300 which would include mailing. Mindy suggested a printer in Michigan with a guessed estimate of $730 with no postage. Mindy and Troy offered to do mailing.

Membership: Still waiting for completed applications from National. New Application received - not enough sponsors.  Question was raised if the Board ever gave approval of general “blast” that has been sent to club members.

Fundraising: The question of an advertising banner on the club homepage was brought up - again. Discussion occurred concerning placement of banner. Rita Biddle moved that the banner be placed on the National Page that is to be created. Heidi Brown seconded the motion. Vote taken - all ayes.

Judges’ and Public Ed: Final arrangements discussed for breed seminar to be presented at Cleveland.  Troy has been working on the AKC breed flyer for newly registered Neos.

Historian:  No report

Bylaws: No report

Legislation: Rita Biddle summarized the most important issues current
Carlos Calderon called in at this point

Health: Independent Committee - no report

NeoRescue, Inc: Independent Committee - no report

2011 National: Jim Hough, showchair. Webpage for National and logo are still in the works. Jim sent email stating paperwork for foreign judge completed and submitted to AKC.

Old Business
Meet the Breeds - Cathy DeLuca - mega organizer - reported a great turnout. Donna Welty suggested that a certificate for Ambassador of the Breed be created and sent to the owners of “UGO” who not only participated at the two day Meet the Breeds but who also marched in the NY Columbus Day Parade. Donna also suggested that certificates of participation be sent to all who manned the booth and brought their Neos.

New Business

Next meeting - Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Joe Attaway at 10:35 PM EST