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SEPTEMBER 13, 2009
In Attendance:  Dr. Pierluigi Scalia, Heather Giallella, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Joseph Attaway. Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Sue Luedemann, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann-Spruill

Meeting called to order at 9:06 PM EST

Minutes from August 9, 2009 accepted with corrections moved by Sharon Costello, seconded by Nydia Thornton. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message: 
A Welcome to all was extended and suggestion made that we move on to the agenda

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent:  Letter to Nataly Hohlova Means re: status of ethic compliant; emails to JC Stauring re: status of website progress; emails to board on legislative news, AKC notices.

Correspondence received: Email from Sue Luedemann re: status of Show Committee; Email from new registry- Puppies on Ice; Email from Bill Goetz & Anne Latimer requesting to join the education committee ( judges’ and public ed ); email from Peggy Wolfe re: Parent Conference; email resignation from Board of Directors received from Daniel Renfrow;emails from AKC re: Meet the Breeds 10/17 & 10/18

Treasurer’s Report:

Business Checking

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club

Account Summary
Opening balance 8/01/2009                    $5,086.44
Deposits and other credits                          195.00+  (Latimer/goetz, advertise Neogram)
Checks                                                      29.94-  (Jim Deppen, JE supplies)
Other withdrawals and service fees                 44.50-  (Automated debit Paypal   ECHECK)
Commercial Service Charges For July 2009          4.00

Closing balance 8/31                                 $5,203.00

Small Business High Performance Mm

Account Summary

opening balance 8/01/2009                        $13,000.66
Interest paid                                                    0.55+
Closing balance 8/31                                     $13,001.21

Number of days in this statement period                 31


Membership: email received from Cathy DeLuca and forwarded to BOD

Hi you all..attached is the Membership Committee Report and proposed new Membership Application.  Please read the Committee Report and send comments when you have them.  We need to have this completed for Donna prior to the next BOD meeting..thanks.

I am sending the app again just so that this all stays together..also, in case anyone asks, my thought would be that we would use the same sponsorship forms as we have done in the past.  I have not updated nor have I attached any sponsorship forms to this.



The Membership Committee has completed the mailing of the BOD-approved letter updating the membership status from Associate Member to Full Member whereby we have ‘grandfathered’ the Associates into the USNMC.  This approved letter was mailed via U.S. Postal Service to thirty-four (34) Associate Members who have been with the USNMC for a year or more.  This mailing was completed on August 14, 2009.

In addition, the Membership Committee has revamped the Membership Application and is submitting same to the BOD for review and comment.  This is attached for your perusal.


At the present time, there currently remain less than ten (10) individuals who will be in the USNMC for a year either very shortly or by the very latest, June, 2010.  Since these individuals were Associates when the new By-Laws took effect, the Membership Committee, in the spirit of camaraderie, suggests that these less than ten (10) individuals be grandfathered in as well.  Please note that since Associate Status was eradicated upon the adoption of the new By-Laws, it would seem logical that we update the status of these less than ten (10) individuals to Full Member.  If accepted and approved by the BOD, this process would commence on the approximate one-year anniversary date with the USNMC and we would be vigilant on notifying these individuals via letter.

Discussion ensued concerning the amount of the International Subscriptions- it was noted that the amount should be corrected to $60.00.  Donna Welty requested that a list of the names of the ten members. Heather Giallella seconded. Vote - all ayes.  Donna Welty reminded the BOD that they have 24/7 access to the entire membership list using google documents on a read only basis. A vote will be taken on the current ten “associate members” at the next board meeting scheduled in October.

2010 National: Following reported from Dr. Scalia

• Application - waiting for permission letter from AVKC to send w. application

• Banquet at Sheraton ( 100 people - approx. $3000) General Meeting & Seminar ( approx. $400)

• Show Committee consists of Chair Ingrid Fortunato, Sue Luedemann, Sharon Costello, Donna Welty, Pierluigi Scalia.

• Fundraising Committee - Shani Stewart Robbins, Dan Renfrow, Lisa Cinciripini

• Need to do - schedule show committee meeting, secure trophy pledges, information for Neogram, and logo for 2010 ( done)

Website: Date for completion is mid- October

Health: no formal report - Lisa Cinciripini and Dr. Robin White did go to health conference.

Fundraising: submitted by email, forwarded to BOD

Just an update in case anyone asks about fundraising.  I've sent a couple messages about setting up a call to Shani and Nydia, but so far, no response.  I don't know if people are still busy with other things, if they are doing their own thing with fundraising, or what.
I don't mind working on the online store when our website is up, but I'm not really interested in all the National stuff.  I'm not planning to go (it hits during our finals), so someone who will be there should take the lead on it.  I suggested Shani and Lisa focus on Nationals (since they are west coast), and then I could do the online store with help from Nydia...and probably Irene since she has the merch.  It might be good to see if anyone else is interested in helping.

Neogram: no report from editor Heather Welty. Committee consists of Heather Welty, Heidi Brown, Pierluigi Scalia.  Heather Giallella offered to join/ contribute some material.  Fall/Winter edition is in process.

OLD Business

1.      Raleigh Specialty March 2010

Nydia Thornton reported that since little has been accomplished to date due to lack of time and participation from others originally interested in organizing it might be best if this was a Supported Entry only. Discussion occurred noting that if we went with panel judges (Sat, Regional Specialty - Yamada; Sunday Supported Entry - Bivens) this could still occur as planned.  Nydia would look into this further.

2.      AKC Parent Conference update - not done?

3.      Conformation of Volunteer Committee Members

Each applicant’s name read and voted on as follows:

James Deppen - Judges Ed/Public Ed            Yes - 4      NO - 5

HG- Y /  DW- Y / SC - Y / JA - N / HB - N/ SL - N/ NT- N / SV- Y

Tie vote 4 yes 4 no - broken by vote by President Scalia

Anthony Gomez - Historian & Legislation         Yes - 8

HG - Y /  DW- Y/ SC - Y/  JA- Y/  HB -Y/  SL- Y/  NT -Y/ SV - Y

Peggy Wolfe - Membership & Historian              Yes - 8

HG - Y/  DW - Y/  SC - Y/  JA - Y/ HB- Y/ SL - Y/  NT- Y/  SV - Y

Shani Stewart-Robbins - Judges’ Ed, National Fundraising & Ethics     Yes - 8

HG - Y/   DW - Y/  SC - Y/  JA- Y/  HB- Y/  SL- Y/  NT- Y/  SV- Y

Anne Latimer & Bill Goetz  -   Public Ed only          Yes - 8

HG - Y/   DW- Y/   SC-Y/   JA - Y/   HB- Y/  SL- Y/  NT-Y/   SV - Y

4.  Following Committees re-organized as follows:

Judges Ed - Shani Stewart-Robbins, Sharon Costello, PL Scalia, Rita Biddle

Public Ed - Shani Stewart-Robbins, Anne Latimer, Bill Goetz

Heather Giallella will locate educational materials from past and forward on - especially a “trifold”

New Business

Board position vacancy - Tabled

Be sure to check out September issue of AKC Gazette where histories of all breeds are spot-lighted in honor of 125th Anniversary of AKC.

Motion to adjourn made by Joe Attaway at 10:53 PM EST

Next Meeting Sunday, October 13, 2009 at 9 PM EST

Meeting since rescheduled for Sunday, October 18, 2009 at 9 PM EST