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Dr. Dennis Dafnis, Joe Attaway, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Rita Biddle, Carlos Calderon, Mindy Aaron McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill
Absent: Heidi Brown, Jim Hough

Guest: Dr. Robin White

Meeting called to order  at 9:10 PM EST

Motion made to accept minutes from August 11, 2010 BOD Meeting as printed. Moved by Mindy Aaron McElyea. Seconded by Rita Biddle. Motion passed by all ayes.    

At this point, Dr. White provided a summary of the Mastino Health Committee. She had asked if anyone had any questions on the email report that she had provided for the Board. Dr. White had stated that the Mastino Health committee would like to be affiliated with the USNMC.  Donna Welty stated that in the past this committee had stated that they wanted to be an independent committee ( like NeoRescue, Inc).

Donna suggested that the health committee submit a proposal for the Board’s consideration. Dr. White agreed to this stipulation. The BOD was encouraged to check out the committee’s website at www.mastinohealth.org.

President’s Message: Due to the time, no message

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: Mastino health report to BOD; emails from AKC ( Meet the Breeds, etc ); information from different vendors to BOD and National Committee; various emails regarding the 2011 National; emails re: banner for Meet the Breeds; emails on possible donation for 2011 National in exchange for free ad on club website for one year.
Correspondence received: from Dr. White; from 2 Hearts Vinyl, thank you from Sue Sellers Rose for participation in the ADSJ Institute; letter from AKC looking for presenters at Working Group forum; Subscriber application from Brad Fraizer

Treasurer’s Report:

Bills to be paid:
•  Gonnie Schaffer $250 (CKC)
•  Charles Costello $250 (CKC)
•  Joe Attaway $148.. ( AKC Conference)
•  Cathy DeLuca $200 ( club banner for Meet the Breeds )
•  Donna Welty $75.00 ( print and postage)

Mindy Aaron McElyea moves to pay bills. Troy Stroud seconds. Vote - all ayes Motion passed.

(Mrs. Costello asked to be excused from rest of meeting)

Committee Reports:

Website (Donna Welty) - no report
Webstore ( Jim Hough) - no report
Neogram ( Troy Stroud) - waiting for quote on printing and postage - should know in day or two
Membership ( Cathy DeLuca) - no report - Joe Attaway has a few applications - no sponsors!
Fundraising ( Jim Hough ) - Discussion on placement ofadvertising banner from vendor promising $200 worth of merchandise.  Rita Biddle moves to place ad banner on webpage for National for which the USNMC will be paid $200 in merchandise for a period of one year. Mindy Aaron McElyea seconds motion. Vote taken - all ayes.
Judges’ & Public Ed -  Was stated again by Donna Welty that we need to establish a standard packet of information to be used for public events.  Letter asking for breed mentors mentioned. Dennis Dafnis and Troy Stroud will present at this Working Group forum.  Secretary will contact AKC.
Historian - no report
Bylaws ( Jim Hough ) - no report
Ethics - no report
Legislation ( Rita Biddle ) - Quiet to date - remember to check your emails
Health - Independent Committee.    Dr. White had requested time at beginning of meeting
NeoRescue, Inc. - Independent Committee - no report

2011 National ( Jim Hough, Showchair)
Members voted as first choice - Nicola Imbimbo. Mr. Hough has contacted him and has a verbal commitment.  Discussion on whether Judges” Selection Committee has created a list of possible judges for 2013 on. Judges’ Committee had consisted of Pierluigi Scalia, Joe or Lisa Cinciripini, Rita Biddle. Carlos moved to add Donna Welty. Mindy Aaron McElyea seconded.  Vote - all ayes

Old Business
Good Luck to all showing at the Chattanoogna Specialties

New Business


Next meeting - Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved at 10:34 PM EST by Mindy Aaron McElyea