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Old Business
          An informal dinner is being arranged for the Chattanooga K.C. weekend ( Sept. 18 & 19 ) by Joe Attaway.

New Business
          As of Wednesday, July 14, the following individuals have expressed their interest in remaining on or volunteering to join the following committees:
Sharon Costello - Judges’ Ed
Peggy Wolfe - stay on Membership and Historian committees
Joe Attaway  - stay on Membership
Cathy DeLuca - stay on Membership
Heidi Brown - stay on Neogram
Heather Welty - will help with Neogram
Jim Hough - would like to join Fundraising and Bylaws
Nydia Thornton - stay on Fundraising
Pierluigi Scalia - stay on Judges’ Ed and Standards Committee. Already on independent

          Health Committee. Will help with Neogram - unofficially
Ted DeLuca - will stay on Ethics
Shani Stewart-Robbins - will stay on Ethics, declines Judges’ Ed
Rita Biddle - will stay on Judges’ Ed and Legislation, offers to help edit Neogram
Donna Welty - will stay on Legislation, Historian and Bylaws
Troy Stroud - would like to join Judges’ Ed
Mindy Aaron-McElyea - would like to join Neogram and Ethics

A discussion on the Awards of Merit ensued. Troy Stroud moved that AOM may be awarded according to guidelines at Regional Specialties. Jim Hough Seconded the motion. Vote taken - all ayes.  Motion passed.

Need to update/revise the Procedure Manual!

Next Meetings of the Board will be as follows:

Monday, July 26th at 9 PM EST for the purpose of starting the planning of the 2011 National ONLY

Wednesday, August 11th at 9 PM EST

Motion to adjourn meeting made by Mindy Aaron- McElyea at 10:15 PM EST

Respectfully submitted by Donna Welty
Website - Update Information and announcements have been sent to webmaster - new officers, upcoming shows, Meet the Breeds, Committee Anouncement, the First grand champion congratulations.

Neogram - Editor Troy Stoud
Looking for pictures from National winners, articles, etc.

Membership - Several applications were given out at Nationals - waiting for people to get all their information together. The Membership Committee is working on a few surveys that will be presented to the BOD for their approval.

Fundraising - Mr. Hough has several ideas.

Judges’ & Public Ed - There is a definite need to organize a “standard” packet of breed and club information for public events.

Historian - no formal report. This committee will be focusing on the 20th Anniversay of the USNMC ( 2011 )

Bylaws - one of the focal points for this coming year.

Ethics Committee - Independent committee that requires an application to be filled out.

Legislation - Read the many emails that will be sent to you - this year seems to be active with the AVMA, Peta and HSUS proposed legislation.

Health - Independent Committee - no report submitted

NeoRescue, INC - Independent Committee - no report submitted

2011 National - Committee to consist of Troy Stroud, Joe Attaway and Carlos Calderon. A special Board Meeting scheduled for Monday, July 26th at 9 PM EST dedicated to planning the National Only.
In attendance: Dr. Dafnis, Joe Attaway, Donna Welty, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Carlos Calderon, Jim Hough, Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill

Absent: Sharon Costello

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST

Motion made to accept minutes from Board Transition Meeting held on July 1, 2010 as printed by Mindy Aaron-McElyea, seconded by Heidi Brown. Vote - all ayes. Motion carried

President’s Message: Dr. Dafnis welcomed all to the meeting, thanked those who have served in the past. The future of the Mastino is in the hands of this new board - he encouraged us to all work together to make the breed and the club better. He emphasized the need for unity. He expressed that the following areas need to be improved on: 1)education - our own and club members; 2) Breeding Qualifications - recommended a sub committee to create a test of knowledge for those wanting to breed and 3) the education of judges on our breed and their need to speak mastino.

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: letter to Jim Deppen re: Chattanooga K.C.; Board decision on recent Ethics Compliant mailed to those individuals involved; various emails sent to AKC. 

Correspondence received: letter from International Kennel Club of Chicago; confirmation letter sent to AKC by Cathy Deluca stating our participation in October Meet the Breeds: various emails from AKC; emails from Chattanooga K.C.; phone call from Charlie Costello accepting judging assignment for Chattanooga on Saturday, September 18th; artist vendor from Maine re: possible trophies; email from Troy Stroud volunteering to fill vacancy of editor to Neogram; emails from Kodey young re: Neo participation at Bas Bosch Seminar on August 6th.

President Dafnis suggested a card be sent to Mr. Deppen

Treasurer’s Report:
Business Checking

Account Summary
Opening balance 5/29/10  $3,001.88
Deposits and other credits $  720.00+
Checks $  179.33-
Other withdrawals and service fees $2,058.60-
Closing balance 6/30/10 $1,483.95
Number Amount Date posted
1145 $179.33 6/11/10
Other Withdrawals and Service Fees
Date Amount Description
6/01/10 $859.17 Purchase Sheraton Fairplex 05/28 Pomona CA
6/01/10 $1,199.43 Purchase Sheraton Fairplex Pomona CA 05/28
Total $2,058.60
Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary
Opening balance 5/29  $13,006.01
Interest paid  $         0.59+
Insurance update; Non-Profit Status Update
Jim Hough has been working on clarification of non-profit status and its effect on club insurance. Insurance policy status is fine! Mr. Hough reported that other dog clubs are listed as 501C4 - a Recreation Club. Joe Attaway will be donating $150 towards Chattanooga K.C. judges’ expenses. Mr. Attaway also volunteered to contact Dr. Scalia in regards to final financial update from 2010 National.

Committee Reports