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JULY 12, 2009
Board members in attendance: Dr. Pierluigi Scalia; Heather Giallela (experiencing phone problems-in and out of meeting); Donna Welty; Joseph Attaway; Rita Biddle; Heidi Brown; Sharon Costello; Sue Luedemann; Daniel Renfrow; Susan Vann-Spruill

Board member(s) Absent - Nydia Thornton

Meeting called to order at 9:08 PM EST

Minutes from July 1, 2009 Transition Meeting minutes moved to be accepted as printed by Sharon Costello; seconded by Rita Biddle. All ayes -

President’s Message:
President Scalia expressed his “thank you’s” to those attending meeting and his enthusiasm to get started.

Secretary’s Report: 
Correspondence sent: emails to National Weekend Judges; email to Cathy DeLuca; email and phone call to AKC Parent Conference contact; email to club member re: COE; new award 2008 certificates to Nataly Hohlova-Means; packages to BOD containing printed information on procedures, new bylaws & other important information.

Correspondence received: draft letter re: anti crop & dock for Rottweiler Parent Club; forms from AKC Parent Conference ( sent via email to president and myself); Conformation of judging assignment emails from Ms. Gonzalez and Dr. Inzoli; email response from Cathy DeLuca stating she will stay on as Membership; many correspondences - both email and snail mail - from Nataly Hohlova-Means re: ethics charge;  email from Nydia Thornton stating the following:

I regretfully submitted my resignation for the position of Treasurer.  I have recently enrolled in college and am also self- employed. I do not feel that I have sufficient time to provide to this very important role. If the board so feels that I can remain on as a director, I would greatly appreciate the offer.

Motion made by Rita Biddle to accept Mrs. Thornton’s resignation as Treasurer and keep her on the board.   Joe Attaway seconds.   Vote taken - all ayes.  Discussion followed.  Rita Biddle moved to have Sharon Costello fill the position of treasurer.  Joe Attaway seconds. Vote taken - all ayes

Treasurer’s Report:
Same as submitted at July 1 meeting.
Bills to be submitted:  Donna Welty has bills to be paid


Discussion ensued on 1) which committees should remain and 2) how to establish  committees.  Decided that emails be sent to those on existing committees asking them to send email to club secretary stating their intention to remain on committee.  Posting on website and blub to be printed in Neogram stating same.

Sharon Costello gave summary of the intended role of “liaison” from past board and why the concept didn’t work.  Mrs. Costello stated the need for each -and- every board member to be involved in committees.  Board Members volunteered for following:

• Judges’ & Public Ed: Rita Biddle, Sharon Costello, Pierluigi Scalia ( Need to receive emails stating “volunteering” from Jim Deppen, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Nikki Smith);  “Standards” Committee - Marjorie Tuff, Rita Biddle, Sharon Costello, Pierluigi Scalia, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Jim Deppen
• Fundraising:  Daniel Refrow
• 2010 Nationals Show Committee: Sharon Costello, Sue Luedemann, Donna Welty
• Website Committee: Joe Attaway, Heidi Brown, Donna Welty
• Neogram STAFF: Heather Welty, editor, Heidi Brown, Daniel Renfrow
• Legislation:  Rita Biddle, Donna Welty
• Historian: Donna Welty, Sharon Costello
• Local Clubs: whole BOD
• Procedure Revisions: Pierluigi Scalia, Joe Attaway, Susan Vann-Spruill
• Membership: Joe Attaway, Sue Luedemann

Membership- Board members should meet with Cathy Deluca asap to establish procedure   for associates to full members.

2010 Nationals - Ingrid Fortunato has agreed to be ShowChair.
President Scalia has been in contact with the Antelope Valley Kennel Club for our 2010 National.  This club is much more willing to utilize our judges - hence helping with expenses. Correspondence needs to be sent to Mr. Greaver asap.

Raleigh Specialty, March 2010 - nothing to report as yet. No response from Mr. J. Deppen
In reference to being our judge. If still no response, will be seeking new judge.

AKC Parent Club Health Conference needs an appointee from club President to attend Conference in October in St. Louis.  Club must pay $200.00 - and person attending must
assume costs outlined in information. AKC assumes costs as stated in information letter.

Discussion on current website ensued - pros and cons given on site.  President Scalia has been in contact with club member who has volunteered to create a new website that will be turned over to club to maintain. Further discussion on merits of having someone
not involved with club creating site. Cost factors mentioned. Motion made by Joe Attaway to scrap the present website.  Rita Biddle seconded motion.  Vote taken - all

Board members in agreement with ayes, no nays, no abstains.  Motion passed. Website
Committee to pursue course of events.

Next meeting on Sunday, August 9, 2009, at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Rita Biddle at 11:03 PM EST