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Treasurer informed Board that the club does not have Not- for- Profit status with the IRS. Mrs. Costello had been trying to clarify and rectify this situation.

Committee Reports
     Committees will need to be reformed. An announcement stating that anyone wishing to join a committee should contact the club secretary so that their names may be presented for Board approval will be added to club website. Emails to present committee members will be sent by club secretary.

    Website Committee ( Donna Welty, Heidi Brown, Joe Attaway, Dan Renfrow and Nydia Thornton ); Committee had researched possible webmasters, selected one and had club website redone. Information was updated. Currently, webmaster will add any updates ( minutes, etc.) on the 16th of each month. Club secretary is able to post Legislation and some information in the middle section of the homepage. Dr. Dafnis offered to do a monthly President’s message which will be sent to club secretary to post.

     Neogram ( Heather Welty; Heidi Brown )
Due to increasing cost of printing and postage, the Board of Directors voted to have 3 online issues and one printed issue after the National. Former Editor - Heather Welty - had resigned in April after putting current issue on line. Notice of change was added to website.  Any paid member wishing to receive their copy was to contact club secretary via email with their name and personal password. Troy Stroud volunteered to be new editor. Rita Biddle offered to edit printed work. Brief discussion occurred on software to be used.  Troy moved to add “printed” issue on line also. Joe Attaway seconded. Vote - all ayes - motion passed.

     Membership ( Cathy DeLuca Chair; Joe Attaway, Sue Luedeman, Peggy Wolfe )
Committee receives new member applications, sends application to club secretary, sends out welcome packet, conducts the renewal process in December.  This year a Membership Directory was created as a separate document mailed out to paid members. Joe Attaway informed Board that the committee is currently working on two surveys to be present for Board Approval.

     Fundraising ( Nydia Thornton )
Secretary noted that there has always been “confusion” over this committee - is it part of the National Committees or separate.
It was noted that 2011 will be the club’s 20th anniversary and that commemorative items should be available to members for purchase. Dr. Dafnis suggested several items - such as club t-shirts, decals for the car. He also suggested an additional $5 to the amount of the club’s membership dues that will go towards the Nationals. Another suggestion was a Commemorative Book. Jim Hough had worked on the fundraising for the Nationals and he had some additional suggestions.

     Judges & Public Education ( Sharon Costello, Chair; Rita Biddle, Dr. Scalia, Shani Stewart- Robbins )
Club Secretary requested that an established list of handouts be created for all public education opportunities -such as the Meet the Breeds. Suggestions made included breed information, health information, club information. Other suggestions welcomed.

Chair Sharon Costello summed up activities for past year: Breed Seminars, revised CD of Breed Standard ( Board members still waiting for their copies ), updated Mentor List. Areas that need to be concentrated on are as follows: re-evaluating the ringside mentor criteria; a multiple choice questionnaire for all mentors; a review of the written standard - intent is not to change the standard but to clarify the content.

     Historian ( Peggy Wolfe, Donna Welty, Anthony Gomez)
Donna Welty reported that Anthony Gomez is no longer a member. They had been working on a possible powerpoint of past Neograms featuring popular dogs of that year. Anthony was going to add music and was to check on copyright laws. Have to make a concentrated effort to get moving on this project!  Peggy Wolfe is working on a narrative of the club history.  Sharon Costello informed BOD that she had sent copies of original documents to Peggy.

     Bylaws  (no committee since bylaws passed last year)
After one year working under the present bylaws - a few areas need to fine tuned. Also the Code of Ethics needs some revisions.

     Ethics ( Shani Stewart-Robbins, Chair; Ted Deluca, Stephanie Paulicelli, Scott Thornton, Nydia Thornton )
Committee had created an application process for committee members.  Committee is “formed” when an ethics complaint is presented to Board and the Board votes to send to Committee. Committee follows the steps outlined in the club Bylaws and presents findings to the Board.

     Legislation ( Rita Biddle, Chair; Donna Welty)
Legislative alerts emailed to Board, mailing list, posted on club website.  Rita Biddle highlights current legislative concerns. Donna Welty fills in where needed. New website to checkout - www.humanewatch.org.

     Health ( Dr Scalia, liaison; Lisa Cinciripini, Dr. Robin White )
An independent committee that sends in reports to the board on occasion. Their publication - The Pulse- was reported as handed out at the National. No copies were sent to the Board. They have their own website and are an active group.

     NeoRescue, Inc. ( Shani Stewart-Robbins, President)
An independent organization since 2007 who have 501-C3 status. No reports have been submitted for a while. The former 2007-2009 Board did receive their newsletter. They have their own website and are an active group.

     2011 National - ????
Still waiting for written proposal for show in Georgia - either in March or September
Joe Attaway moved to create a Judges’ Selection Committee. Mindy Aaron-McElyea seconded.
Vote - all ayes.  Motion Passed/  Rita Biddle noted that a Criteria needs to be established.

Old Business

Chattanoogna Designated Specialty - September 18 and 19 2010
Proposed change in Judges.

Meet the Breeds - NYC - October 16th and 17th
Will be manned by Cathy DeLuca, Ted DeLuca and Joe Steinfeld
Dogs and puppies are requested by  Cathy
This date is the same weekend that the Garden State Neapolitan Mastiff Club holds their tailgate party and shows at the Ramapo Kennel Clubs.

Bas Bosch Seminar- Friday Aug 6th ( MCONO / Steel Valley Cluster)
Despite many emails back and forth - no firm volunteers were secured-
Mindy McElyea volunteered to bring a female. A male is needed

Michigan Designated Specialty - Dec 2010
Arranged and organized by Troy Stroud
Mr. Stroud requested the start up fund of $250. Mindy McElyea so moved -
Seconded by Heidi. Vote - all ayes - Motion carried.

Neogram Editor - see committee report

New Business

•  2011 National Specialty - see committee report
•  Revision of Bylaws - see committee report
•  Revision of Code of Ethics - see committee report

Next meeting -Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Mindy Aaron McElyea at  11:01 PM EST

Respectfully submitted by Donna Welty
Attendance: 2009-2010 Board Members: Dr. Scalia, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Joe Attaway, Rita Biddle,  Heidi Brown,  Carlos Calderon,  Melinda Aaron-McElyea, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann -Spruill

2010-2012 New Officers and Board Members: Dr. Dennis Dafnis (Pres. ), Joe Attaway ( VP) Heidi Brown ( Board Member), Jim Hough ( Board Member) , Troy Stroud (Board Member)

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST by President Scalia
Motion made by Heidi Brown to accept minutes from BOD Meeting June 10, 2010. Seconded by Mindy Aaron-McElyea. Vote - all ayes. Motion to approve minutes passed.

President’s Message: President Scalia welcomed everyone, thanked his officers and Board of Directors. He then congratulated Dr. Dafnis and the new Board members on the election and turned the meeting over to our new president, Dr. Dafnis.
Dr. Dafnis welcomed everyone and gave an overview of where he foresees the club moving.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: email announcing resuts of 2010 Election;letter sent on result of ethics committee recommendations; letter sent to in reference to Chattanoogna judging assignment, emails sent to BOD on legislation; AKC communications; request from Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio for presence of Neapolitans at their seminar with Bas Bosch.
Correspondence received:email from Amy-Price-Marcotte- an artist from Maine; email from Pierluigi Scalia stating that Chad Mayo will be donating art work for next year’s National; emails from Chattanoogna K.C.; email from Troy Stoud volunteering to be editor of the Neogram; email from Cathy DeLuca re: Meet the Breeds at Javitts Center, NYC on October 16 & 17.
Secretary will be sending a booklet of helpful information to new officers and board members. Suggested Robert’s Rules - 10th edition.

Treasurer’s Report: same as printed in last month’s minutes. Financial results from 2010 National Show Secretary (Janis McManigal) still outstanding
Bills presented to be paid from
Donna Welty - $12.00 to joker.com for domain. Mindy Aaron-McElyea moved to pay $12.00, Susan Vann Spruill seconded. Vote - all ayes  Motion passed.
Cathy DeLuca - $47.93 for printing of handouts -Joe Attaway moved to pay $47.93. Seconded by Rita Biddle.  Vote taken - all ayes. Motion passed