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JULY 1, 2009
Attendance: 2007-2009 Board Members: Sharon Costello, Ingrid Fortunato, Donna Welty Rita Biddle, Kendail Gonzales, Nikki Smith, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Nydia Thornton

Absent: Irene O’Connor, Jennifer Groves, Cathy DeLuca

2009-2011 Board Members: Dr. Pierluigi Scalia, Heather Giallella, Donna Welty, Nydia Thornton, Joseph Attaway, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Sharon Costello, Sue Luedemann, Daniel Renfrow, Susan Vann-Spruill

Meeting called to order at 9:09 PM EST

Motion made by 2007-2009 Board member Nydia Thornton to accept minutes from BOD June 17, 2009. Seconded by Shani Stewart-Robbins. Motion passed by all ayes from attending 2007-2009 BOD.

President’s Message:
President Costello welcomed everyone, thanked the 2007-2009 BOD for all their time and effort and work accomplished during their term. She congratulated the new BOD and wished them well during their term. She explained the purpose of the transition meeting and then turned the meeting over to Dr. Scalia.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: letter to AKC regarding the results of the bylaw vote. Correspondence recieved: emails requesting information, acceptance of Renee Arvin (TX) as associate member; President of Rottweiler club seeking support letters from parent clubs of crop and dock breeds to be sent to AVMA. President Costello had received email from Rita Gardiner of AKC seeking commitment by August 1, 2009 for attendance at the AKC Parent Conference. Secretary will contact for more details.

Secretary reported that she had called AKC and spoke with person who had reviewed our bylaws. Mrs. Welty further clarified the following concerns:

1. Yes, I was correct in assuming that if we made the recommended changes from the AKC - they were accepted by the AKC.   Since we are NOT a member club ( we are a licensed club) we do not need formal acceptance from the AKC on our bylaws.

2. The "in effect" date of July 1 is fine as long as members were made aware of it (on our website and in ballot letters this was done!)

3. Having multiple elections was fine as no one vote was counted more than once and they were returned within time limit.

Treasurer’s Report

Same as appearing in June minutes

Committee Reports

Discussion occurred on the following topics:

Committee membership will be opened to members who wish to join or remain on their current committees.

Status of Website

Cost of Neogram

Fundraising should be the focus for new Board

Peggy Wolfe asked and was given permission to conduct breed seminar in TX

Update from Health Committee on Leisch study

Possible change of date for National to Memorial Day weekend due to lack of

Co-operation from Lake Matthews K.C. Need to contact judges to see if

They can make change of date

“The Southern Boys” will be making a proposal for the 2011 National

Need to establish procedure for transition of associate members to full under new

By-laws. Cathy Deluca needs to be asked if she will consider staying on Committee. Secretary will contact her.

NeoRescue, Inc is in need of volunteers and foster homes

Old Business

March Specialty in Raleigh, NC (Tar Heel Cluster)
Dates are March 25 & 26th 2010
Edd Bivens will be judge on Sunday
Waiting to hear from Jim Deppen if available to judge on Saturday
Rita Biddle has suggestion for Sweepstakes judge

New Business

Board discussed establishing a set weekend for meetings. 2nd Sunday of month suggested.  If unable to hold on 2nd Sunday - the following Wednesday was suggested.


Nydia Thornton stated that her life has taken a different turn than when she ran and she has now returned to school. She asked if it was possible for her to switch position as treasurer with a director - thus she would still be on the board and the director would then be the treasurer. Discussion ensued with Sharon Costello volunteering to switch with Nydia - especially since the Bank is in her area and her name is already an approved signature. Nydia was told to send the secretary a letter or email to this effect.

Next meeting - Sunday, July 12, 2009 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Sharon Costello at 10:52 PM