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USNMC Board Meeting Minutes for June, 30, 2011

Attendance: Joe Attaway, Rita Biddle, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Heidi Brown, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill, Robin White

Absent: Carlos Calderon, Mindy Aaron-McElyea,

Guests: Pierluigi Scalia, Peggy Wolfe, Rachel Hosking, Lena Moles, Ciiaran McCloskey, Wendy Gieske

Meeting called to order at 9:11 PM EST by Joe A, President

Motion made to accept minutes from June 17, 2011 as printed made by Troy S. and seconded by Susan V.. All in favor – motion passed

President’s Message: Joe thanked all the outgoing board members specifically noting their enthusiasm, ideas and help to the club. He welcomed the guests, who are in-coming board members who will assume their new roles effective July 1, 2011.
New Board, effective July 1, 2011:

President Joe Attaway
Vice President Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
Secretary Peggy Wolfe
Treasurer Rachel Hoskings
Directors Heidi Brown
Wendy Gieske
Ciaran Mccloskey
Lena Moles
Troy Stroud
Susan Vann-Spruill
Dr. Robin White

Secretary’s Report
Donna reported two bills to be presented for payment:

$62.80 Cost of mailing box of records to Peggy W, new Secretary
$32.80 Cost of mailing notebook with July, 2010 – June, 2011 board meeting correspondence

Sharon noted that she had a bill for $80.73 which was the cost of mailing all the treasurer’s records to Rachel Hosking, new Treasurer. She noted that this bill was already paid for out of the clubs’ bank account using the club’s Credit (Debit) Card

Rita made a motion to pay the bills. Seconded by Troy. All in favor, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer’s report given in the June, 17 meeting has not changed. Sharon will receive the last bank statement around July 9 and will forward this to Rachel.

Sharon has sent all Treasurer’s information & records to Rachel. Rachel noted that she needed a copy of the 2011 election results as well as a copy of the minutes for this meeting to show authority to act as the club as Treasurer when she went to her bank to open accounts there. Sharon promised to email the June minutes, which contain the 2011 election results to Rachel.

Sharon also noted that the ribbons / rosettes for the National are being ordered through Hodges Badge who has been the club’s current credit card # on account. As the corresponding bank account in NJ is being closed, the credit card will be destroyed. Sharon noted that Rachel needed to make sure to get a new credit card (debit card) for the club and contact Hodges to be sure they know about and use the new #.

Sharon noted for the record that there are three bills that come annually that need to be paid usually in the first half of the year.

Rockwood Insurance Officers & Director’s Liability Insurance (protects the officers & directors personal assets if they are sued due to activities done correctly according to club procedures)
Equisure Club Liability Insurance (protects the club from being sued for activities done correctly according to club procedures at club events, like dog shows)
Harvard Business The club is incorporated in the state of Delaware. Delaware requires a corporation have an “agent” who lives in the state to represent the corporation. Harvard Business is an organization who does this for us.

These three bills have already been paid for 2011. The records / information is included in the boxes sent to Rachel.

Committee Reports
A brief review of current or recent activity by each committee was given. Committee membership and committee responsibilities are typically done by the board every year in the July / August timeframe.
Discussion of committee membership was tabled for the next meeting.

Website – Donna Welty has sent contact info and info on the various lists, updates to Peggy. Peggy will contact Barbara Laird or Donna if she has any questions. Discussion on future on-going website coordination was tabled.

Webstore – (Joe Attaway, Troy Stroud ) nothing received from Jim Hough as yet. No response to certified letter sent him.

Fundraising: Fund-raising as a separate committee has been more or less merged to be part o the National Specialty function. Irene O’Connor had sent some items, like T-shirts, to Jim Hough for on-line store but still has some inventory of “stuff.” Peggy asked if this were all the fundraising “stuff” left for the club and Sharon said she thought it was.

Neogram ( Troy Stroud) – has received 2 of 4 expected articles. Hopes to have next issue out in July.

Membership ( Cathy DeLuca ) – Peggy reported that the Membership Committee would develop the Membership roster booklet again and could include the info on the new board in it. A draft would be available for the new board to review before it was mailed before the next board meeting. (note: the club has published a membership list every year, until last year it was in the Neogram, last year was the first time it was produced as a separate booklet. Several board members and guests commented they found the booklet useful for reference purposes.)

Judges & Public Education: Sharon has nothing new to add. Dr. Scalia commented that the handout was being revised he had ideas about a questionnaire to be developed. Members of this Committee are Sharon, Rita, Pierluigi. Peggy asked if Public Education were a separate committee. Answer is right now no.

Health ( Dr. White) – Dr. White reported MHF was on course for the development of the next issue of “Pulse” in the September timeframe and for it to be available at the National.

Legislation – ( Rita Biddle ) – nothing new – remember to check emails

Historian: Peggy reported that she was developing a booklet and was working hard at not being too verbose. Sharon commented that she had some old photographs she would be willing to send for use for this purpose. Peggy committed to have an outline for review by the board by the next meeting. She invited all to, once having seen the outline, to provide ideas or photos or suggestions or input. She commented that at this time she was envisioning the club’s history to be a booklet, (whether Neogram-sized or premium-sized to be determined) to be available at the National and to be mailed to all club members with some copies available for sending to other vip people, like some AKC biggies etc.

Bylaws: Joe A commented that this committee needed to be active to work on the club’s bylaws.

2011 National – Show chair Dr. David . White. The committee has been meeting, will meet again soon to finalize banquet info and to develop an info flier / mailer for members and others.

Old Business

Eukanuba Communication from the AKC requesting parent clubs to consider having specialties (national or regional) at the Eukeneuba
2012 National Proposal received to have it in Michigan in December

Next Meeting – Tuesday, July 12, 2011 at 9EST (8CST 6PST)

Adjourned at 10:43 PM EST