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JUNE 17, 2009
In Attendance: Sharon Costello, Donna Welty, Irene O’Connor, Rita Biddle, Kendail Gonzales, Nikki Smith, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Nydia Thornton, Cathy DeLuca

Absent: Ingrid Fortunato, Jennifer Groves

Meeting called to order at 9:13 PM EST

Minutes from May 17, 2009 were accepted as printed as moved by Nikki Smith and seconded by Nydia Thornton

President’s Message:
Mrs. Costello welcomed all to this - our last meeting as the Board - and thanked everyone for all their hard work and time spent these past two years working towards the future of our breed and club. This board has started the wheel forward and hopes this movement will continue.  Education is paramount and “It’s all good”.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: emails to Edna Gonzales Sanchez Rubio, Dr. Massimo Inzoli; letters mailed to Edna Gonzales Sanchez Rubio, Dr. Massimo Inzoli and Lisa Cinciripini; short history of breed w/pictures to AKC Gazette for September issue.

Correspondence received: emails accepting judging assignments for April 30 and May 1, 2010 from Edna Gonzales Sanchez Rubio and Dr. Massimo Inzoli, membership status inquiry from Anne Latimer; legislative alerts; breed information requests.

Congratulations to new associate members Nancy Hansen (FL) and Sergey Takser (NY). Our latest full member is Bruce Archer (NC)

Membership Application -  2nd Printing
Renee Arvin TX Associate Sponsor - Cathy DeLuca
Treasurer’s Report:

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club

Treasurer’s Report

Irene O’Connor

Month of :  MAY  2009
    BEGINNING BALANCE   $25,594.34
National Specialty Donation $80.00  
NeoGram $5.00  
Membership Dues $30.00  
2009 Trophy Donations $120.00  
USNMC 2009 National Spec. DVD Sales $145.19  
Ways & Means $10.00  
USNMC Monthly Website Fee $44.50  
2009 USNMC DVD’s (Dominic Video) Final Pmt. $1000.00  
Printing, Copying & Postage for USNMC Memberships from 2008-present.  Printing & Mailing of Election Ballots $380.37  
Michele Palazzo (2009 USNMC Specialty Judge (reimbursement for hotel room) $180.00  
TOTAL EXPENSES   $1,604.87
Withdrawal to Wachovia Money Market Account $5,000.00  
    ENDING BALANCE $16,879.66
USNMC Accounts Acct. Balance TOTAL
General Account $8,340,86  
Wachovia Money Market Account $5,000.00  
National Specialty Account 6,027.31  
USNMC Rescue Account 2,511.49*  
Putnam Fund (USNMC Rescue) $3,978.33  
Bills to be paid:
*$2500 - Neorescue, Inc. Final Endowment

Mrs. O’Connor also reported that during a three way conversation with herself, our accountant and the IRS - the USNMC is NOT listed as a 501C7 due to sketchy paperwork that was not finished during the 1990’s.  There will be a $750 application fee to file for this status.  Donna Welty moved to file for the 501C7 status.  Rita Biddle seconded. Vote - all ayes.

Mrs. O’Connor also noted that the final endowment to NeoRescue, Inc is ready to go and she is working on the Putnam Fund change.


     Website - Co-chairs Sharon Costello, Donna Welty
     Everything going as usual

     Neogram - Editor Heather Welty
     Finalizing latest issue

Fundraising - Chair Nydia Thornton
     Has been trying to promote DVD on 2009 National

Judges and Public Education - Chair Jim Deppen
     No formal report
     No list of judges attending breed seminars for past two years received as yet.

Health - Chair Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
     Lisa Cinciripini is working on starting a health foundation for the Neapolitan

2010 Nationals - Showchair??
     Dr. Scalia was going to contact Ingrid Fortunato

Legislation - Chair Rita Biddle
     Rita gave a summary on what is occurring currently

Historian - Chair Donna Welty
     No report - hopes to have more time to concentrate on shortly

Ethics - Chair Shani Stewart-Robbins
     No report

Membership - Chair Cathy DeLuca
     Suggestion made to “pro-rate” membership dues.  If apply within first 6 months - require full amount. If apply within last 6 months - require ½ amount

Bylaws -
     Tally Back - 70 ballots mailed, 64 returned marked - 43 accepted the revisions, 21 rejected the revisions. (There was one ballot returned unmarked -
     Therefore invalid and not included in count). Each return was counted ONCE,  and only ballots with return addresses were counted.   One return address was
     received after due date of June 9 - it was postmarked June 8 - and it voted to accept - which was not included in above count!

Local Clubs - Chair Irene O’Connor
     No report

Procedure Revisions - Chair Donna Welty
     No report - Mrs. Welty reported that she did not the time to work on at this point.
     She suggested that this be left to the new board.

NeoRescue, Inc. - Chair/ President Shani Stewart Robbins
     Mrs. Stewart- Robbins congratulated Irene O’Connor for her fundraising booth at the Newton Day town event.  Mary Stydocker and Katie also attended.
     Awesome job accomplished! Mrs. Stewart-Robbins hopes that more breeders will eventually become involved with rescue.




            Raleigh Show
              Nikki Stamper, Joe Attaway and Nydia Thornton are working on arranging a Specialty two day weekend in conjunction with the Tar Heel Cluster held in
              Raleigh, NC on March 26 & 27, 2010. To date, a verbal commitment has been acknowledged - an application must be filed with the AKC six months before
              the date. They will be contacting Jim Deppen for the Specialty judge and hope to have Edd Bivin for the Sunday Supported Entry.  More to follow.

            Election Results

2009-2011 ELECTION Results

Total Ballots Mailed __70______         Total Ballots Received by 6/15___61___

Number of valid ballots___59____        Number of invalid ballots ___2____

Results of Election 2009
Position Number of Votes
James Deppen 17
Dr. Pierluigi Scalia 40
(number blank) 2
Vice President
Heather Giaillella 29
Nikki Smith 27
(number blank) 3
Donna Welty 55
(number blank) 4
Nydia Thornton 44
(number blank) 15
Board of Directors
Joseph Attaway 46
Rita Biddle 51
Heidi Brown 43
Sharon Costello 49
Janet Hospodar 32
Sue Luedemann 47
Daniel Renfrow 36
Susan Vann-Spruill 36
Margaret Peggy Wolfe 34

Need to schedule ‘Transition’ BOD meeting  July 1, 2009

Meeting Adjourned at 9:58 PM EST by President Costello