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In attendance: Joe Attaway, Rita Biddle, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill, Dr. Robin White
Absent: Heidi Brown ( no phone service), Carlos Calderon

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST.

Motion made by Troy Stroud to accept Minutes from May 18, 2011 as printed. Seconded by Dr. White. Vote – all ayes. Motion passed

President’s message: President Attaway noted that we are on task for the 2011 National. He also expressed his gratitude for the well wishing thoughts, messages and flowers regarding his mother.

Secretary’s Report:

Correspondence sent: letter to Jim Hough; email to Board members listing incomplete membership applications from May 2010; sponsor forms to Board members volunteering to sponsor previous email names
Correspondence received: receipt confirmation from Mr. Hough dated 5-24-11, MHF information and letter; letter from NAIA seeking a donation; letter from AKC re: Meet the Breeds Dec. 17 and 18, 2011 in Orlando Florida’s Eukanuba; financial for Motor City 1010 Dec. Specialty Forms from AKC seeking new officers contact information; letter from Events Operations re: permission granted for Sweeps on 10/21/11; email from Stephanie Paulicelli, new President of NeoRescue, INC and change of address notice from Jane Pampalone

Treasurer’s Report:
May 1, 2011 - May 31, 2011

Activity summary

Beginning balance on 5/1 $3,260.68
Deposits/Credits + $271.14
Withdrawals/Debits - $896.42
Ending balance on 5/31 $2,635.40

Summary of checks written

Number Date Amount Payee
1164 5/27 $600.00  Equisure,Inc(Club Liability Insurance for AKC Events for USNMC members)
1165 5/26 $296.42 Donna Welty(Printing & Postage 2011 Election ballots)

Activity summary

Beginning balance on 5/1 $13,012.00
Deposits/Credits + $0.55
Withdrawals/Debits -0.00
Ending balance on 5/31 $13,012.55

Trophy order for USNMC 2011 Regional and National Specialty has been sent out to Hodges. Total comes to $2,099.00 incl. shipping and handling. Mindy Aaron-McElyea moved to pay bill upon receipt. Rita Biddle seconds. Vote – all ayes. Motion passed.

Committee Reports

OLD Business
Penta’s Seminar- No Go – refer to Judges’ & Public Ed

Eukanuba – Sharon Costello moves to table for new Board’s consideration. Mindy Aaron-McElyea seconds. Motion carried

MHF Decision – see above Health

2012 National Location – tabled for new Board. To date, only one proposal received for Michigan in December

New Business

Election results ( winners in bold )

     44 Joseph Attaway

Vice President
     29 Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
     27 Dr. Janice E. Wolf, DVM

     49 Margaret Wolfe

     49 Rachel Hosking

Board of Directors (4)

     35 Wendy Gieske
     30 Jessica Gibbons
     41 Ciaran McCloskey
     40 Lena Moles
     46 Susan Vann-Spruill

Discussion occurred on the scheduling of the Transition Meeting. Usually this occurs on July 1 – the official date of the new board taking over. This year July 1 is the Friday of the July 4th weekend. In consideration of people’s holiday plans, the Transition meeting will occur on Thursday, June 30th at 9 PM EST. Donna will notify all involved.

Adjournment moved by Sharon Costello at 10:14 PM EST