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SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2010
Email vote will go out to BOD on above two applicants
Stephanie Thompson (AZ) and Frank Jackson (NV) are new subscribers

Treasurer’s Report:

March 31,2010 treasury amounts.

Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary
Closing balance 3/31   $13,004.98

Business Checking
Account Summary
Closing balance 3/31   $7,297.56

I will email you the April Account balances when I receive the bank statement on or around May 9th.

Mindy McElyea moved to pay Harvard Business Insurance for reinstatement a total of $155.00 and to pay Mt. Vernon Fire Insurance $900.00 Donna Welty seconds. Vote - all yeas Motion passed.

Mrs. Costello stated that:
1)the Equisure Insurance Bill ( protects Board members for any injury up to $20,000) for $600 needed to be paid also. Rita Biddle moved to pay Equisure Bill for $600.  Mindy McElyea seconds. Vote taken - all ayes - motion passed.
2) Mindy McElyea moved to pay $1080 to the Sheraton Fairplex for 2010 National? Joe Attaway seconded - vote all ayes - motion carried
3) Mrs. Costello noted that $295 designated by club renewals to NeoRescue Inc. needed to be paid. Rita Biddle moved to send payment. Mindy McElyea seconded. Vote all ayes - motion passed.
4) Irene O’Connor received bill from Toni Hutti for AKC fee for printed handout - of which she paid. Donna Welty moves to pay Irene O’Connor $9.54. Rita Biddle seconded. Vote - all ayes - motion passed

Mrs. Costello informed BOD that she has been in contact with accountant - Kathi O’gouric re: filing for IRS vs. 501C7.  According to accountant - if organization does not takes in more than $25,000 during year - just need to file “E” card. Ms. O’Gouric works pro bono for USNMC

Committee Reports:

- Directory of Members almost completed
Website - Dr. Scalia will compose announcement re: pdf Neogram and how to sign up for.
Neogram - Editor had resigned in April, resignation effective as of 5/15 and pdf copy of Neogram completed.  Dr. Scalia had been talking with couple who produce pdf copies of club publications. Donna Welty moved that Dr. Scalia seek more information and report back to BOD. Joe Attaway seconded. Vote - all ayes. Motion passed
Judges and Public Ed - Judges have been requesting attendance at National seminar - need approximately 20 copies of cd’s
Health - Mastino Pulse - history of breed health should be done by Nationals - needs list of research projects.  Will BOD receive copies???
2010 National and Annual Meeting-
Annual report sent for copying for meeting - along with attendance sheet
Order for trophys will be sent
Banquet programs - copies should be sent to BOD
NeoRescue, Inc requested a booth

Old Business

Chattanooga Kennel Club
Everything should be in order - club officers, sweeps info and trophys sent

New Business

Suggested locations for future ( 2011 ) National - Joe Attaway will look into
Need to establish procedure for judge selection for future Nationals - tabled
Election materials to be mailed
Upon receipt of PayPal notice of 2010 dues paid - Susan Vann Spruill moves to re- appoint Carlos Calderon to BOD. Rita Biddle seconds - vote - all ayes - motion passed. Secretary will notify Mr. Calderon


Applications for Regional Specialtys
In attendance: Dr. Scalia, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Joseph Attaway, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Mindy McElyea, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann Spruill

Meeting called to order at 9:06 PM EST
Minutes from April 11, 2010 moved to be accepted as printed by Susan Vann Spruill; seconded by Heidi Brown. Vote - all ayes

President’s message: Pres. Scalia called in to say would be few minutes late to meeting - no other message.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: emails to BOD re: AKC notices, Chattanooga K.C.; emails to committee heads requesting summary of committee’s work for Annual Meeting Report
Correspondence received: Various emails from AKC; letter and cd from Suburban Dog Training Club; letter from AKC Events -re: Chattanooga K.C.; app from Troy Stroud; phone call stating slate from floor - waiting for written requirements; correspondence from treasurer re: Harvard Business and insurance; Purina Parent Club Partnership Program; From Nat’l show secretary re: misspelling of Rhoda Winter Russell’s name in premium; email from Jim Hough re; formation of new local club - Great Lakes Neapolitan Mastiff Club; forwarded from Irene O’Connor- correspondence from AKC Canine Health Foundation; resignation letter from Heather Welty as editor of Neogram effective 5/15/10; email from Jim Hough re: Nutra food for Nationals; email from Lisa Cinciripini requesting Joe’s name be added to Mentor list; and email from Ethics chair re: update on progress so far

Membership - 2nd Reading
Rachel Hosking LA Sponsors - Carlos Calderon, Susan Vann Spruill - 1st read 4/ 11 meeting
Susan Bruck IN Sponsors - Charina Smith, Jim Hough (mailing”) - 1st read 1/31 meeting
Written Application for a Regional Specialty received from Troy Stroud. Specialty will be with Ingham County Kennel Club to be held on Dec. 3rd, 2010. Joe Attaway moves to accept application. Mindy McElyea seconds. Vote - all ayes. Secretary will contact Mr. Stroud
A verbal request was made by Susan Vann Spruill for a possible specialty to be held with Raleigh K.C. Written to follow.
Discussion on changing meeting to Saturday nights instead of Sundays

Meeting motioned to adjourn by Mindy McElyea at 10:45 PM EST

Next meeting date - Saturday, June 12th at 9 PM EST