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APRIL 19, 2009
Attendance: Sharon Costello, Donna Welty, Irene O’Connor, Kendail Gonzales, Jennifer Groves, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Nydia Thornton, Cathy DeLuca

Absent: Ingrid Fortunato, Rita Biddle, Nikki Stamper

Meeting called to order at 9:07 PM EST

Minutes from March 15, 2009 accepted as read moved by Jennifer Groves, seconded by Nydia Thornton. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message:
President Costello expressed a “Thank You” to all those who worked so hard on our 2009 National. There is a tremendous amount of hours put into producing a National and all the reports have been positive.  This Board has successfully produced two Nationals in less than two years.  A thank you was also extended to the Garden State Neapolitan Mastiff Club for Friday’s Specialty and Hospitality Hour.

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: 2009-2011 Nomination Committee’s Slate; various emails re: legislation, breed requests; bylaws and vote.  Correspondence received: AKC Notification of Mixed Breeds acceptance in performance events; email from Cathy Deluca stating total membership to date ( 70 full members, 44 associates, 4 subscribers); email from Dr. Scalia re: 2010 National possibility in Southern California with proposed date of Nov. 5-7th; emails from Carlos Calderon re: (1) 2010 National possibility with Newman K.C. (GA) with proposed date of late March and a next day Specialty with Douglasville K.C. (GA); (2) possible Specialty with Indy Winter Classic; emails from Nataly Hohlova Means re: awards clarification/addition; letter to Bod; letter To Whom It May Concern; emails from Peggy Wolfe re: bylaws.

Congratulations to recently voted in members Shawn Welty (full) and Deanna Simone Valone (associate).

Membership Applications - 2nd Printing
Bruce Archer NC Full Sponsors- Cathy DeLuca, Domenic Valone
Nancy A. Hanson FL Associate Sponsor- Cathy DeLuca
Membership Application - 1st Printing
Sergey Takser NY Associate Sponsor - Thierry Paratore
Treasurer’s Report:

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Treasurer’s Report
Irene O’Connor
Month of March 2009 BEGINNING BALANCE   $21,475.80
Income Amount Total
USNMC Rescue $100.00
NeoGram $370.00
Membership Dues $1,197.22
Ways & Means (Auction Income) $4,056.00
Ways & Means (Nat. Spec. dvd) $149.00
Judges Education Seminar $665.00
Service Charge Reimbursement $7.50
National Specialty Account
2008 Cake Donation $50.00
2009 Trophy Donations $295.00
2009 National Banquet $2,254.82
2009 Specialty Judge  Reimbursement (New Brunswick KC) $1,352.50
National Specialty Account $2,875.93
Total Receipts $13,372.97
Expenses Amount Total
USNMC Monthly Website Fee $44.50
Printing & Copying $92.32
Postage,Mailing $157.33
AKC Registration Fees $1.95
Ways & Means Expense $618.60
Rockwood Insurance $900.00
NeoGram (International Mailing) $19.20
National Specialty Account
Judges Gifts $86.75
Trophy Expenses $387.34
Specialty Judge $951.00
Awards Dinner $1,922.80
Other $3,175.32
Ways & Means (Nat. Spec. dvd) $500.00
Total Expenses $8,857.11
Account Acct. Balance TOTAL
General Account $15,122.30
National Specialty Account $5,872.87
USNMC Rescue Account $4,996.49
Putnam Fund (USNMC Rescue) $3,978.33
TOTAL $29,969.99

$82.39 TJSportwide Trophy;

$304.95 Shadowboxes;

$86.75 Judges Gifts;

$44.50 Website;

$1,608.47 final payment for Banquet Hall;

$194.32 NBKC for Ribbons, Rosettes;

$201.00 Judges Transportation;

$150.00 Denise DeFelice-artwork for auction;

$39.03-Sharon Costello, reimbursement for leather leashes;

$45.00 Rockwood Insurance NJ tax; and $600 Equisure Insurance,

$491.23-Donna Welty:  Print, Postage & Copying (42.00 stamps, $70. Postage for by-laws, $52.50 Awards dinner programs, $41.99 HP ink (2), $62.81 printing of By-laws, $54.69 printing of slate, mailing labels,&  Envelopes;  $167.24 printing for Annual Report.)

$2500 - Neorescue Endowment.

COMMUNICATIONS:  Co-chairs Sharon Costello, Donna Welty

Add info to website re: bylaws mailing, Judges Selection committee (?)

Cost factor brought up again at Annual Meeting. Shani suggested a printer by her- Doyles

FUNDRAISING: Chair Nydia Thornton
No report


Report given by Pres. Costello - Dennis Dafnis (MI) has volunteered to do breed seminars in the Midwest.  A closer look is to be taken to Judges Selection Committee. Written contracts need to be established for future. Suggestion made to confer with Rita Biddle re: Judges Selection procedure used by Akita parent club.

Health Committee:  Chair Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
No report -

2009 Nationals and Awards: Co-chairs Jennifer Groves, Cathy DeLuca
No report - Irene is working on financial

Legislation:  Chair Rita Biddle
No report

Historian: Chair Donna Welty
No report

Ethics: Chair Shani Stewart-Robbins
No report

Membership: Chair Cathy DeLuca
Total of non-renewals 12 full members, 13 associates
Discussed “pro-rate” of dues

Draft of letter sent to BOD
Letter to members w/voting details mailed

Local Clubs: Chair Irene O’Connor
No report

Procedure Revisions:  Chair Donna Welty
One meeting to date with chair and 1 committee member

Rescue - Pres. Of NeoRescue, Inc  Shani Stewart-Robbins
Still waiting on IRS for final ruling ( 6-8 wks is normal wait time)
NeoRescue, Inc has new website - www.neorescue.net
Annual Meeting - Rosemary Rosensteel stated that someone needs to
come and pick up old records.  Jennifer Groves will contact her.

Nomination Committee: Chair Nikki Stamper
Committee’s recommended slate submitted as follows:
     President - Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
     Vice- Pres - Nikki Stamper
     Secretary - Donna Welty
     Treasurer-  Nydia Thornton
     Board Members:  Joseph Attaway, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Sharon Costello,
     Sue Luedemann, Daniel Renfrow, Susan Vann-Spruill


Discussion on ballots and elections.  Irene O’Connor will contact Kathi Ogorevc as person to receive and count ballots for 2009 Election.


Annual Meeting Topics

1.      Suggestion made by Dr. Scalia to grant Michele Palazzo an honorary membership in the USNMC. Jennifer Groves moved to grant Michele Palazzo an honorary membership in the USNMC. Cathy DeLuca seconded the motion. Vote - all ayes

2.      Health Committee concern re: decisions of future boards - would like to be separate entity.

Two proposals received for 2010 National

1.      From Dr. Scalia -  need show chair, judge?, November date provides too much time between Nationals ( 20 months). {Refer to Procedure manual pg. 41-2 }

2.      From Carlos Calderon -  need more information/ details.

3.      Shani Stewart-Robbins will contact both

Next meeting date - Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Jennifer Groves at 10:50 PM EST