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Attendance: Joe Attaway, Rita Biddle, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Heidi Brown, Carlos Calderon (called in late ), Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill, Robin White

Meeting called to order at 9:14 PM EST by President Attaway

Motion made to accept minutes from March 18, 2011 as printed made by Sharon Costello and seconded by Heidi Brown. All in favor – motion passed

President’s Message: Looking forward to new election and expressed appreciation to 2011 Nomination Committee. We will need a new 2011 Show chair for National and Regional

Secretary’s Report

     Correspondence sent: fax to AKC Events re: Compliance accomplished; letter to AKC notifying show chair change; election letter to membership
     Correspondence received: letter from Mr. Bill Goetz, letter from Dr. Penta re: Judges Contract booklet info from York County, PA for possible National site, resignation from 2011 show chair position for 2011 National from Mindy Aaron-McElyea, various emails from pet-law and AKC, email from Staples representative re: possible 2011 promotional products, email from Belgian Sheepdog Club of America re: required board member attendance at Nationals.

Treasurer’s Report
United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
3/1/2011 thru 3/31/2011
Activity summary

Beginning balance on 3/31 $3,744.75
Deposits/Credits +$595.00
Withdrawals/debits -$1,085.00
Ending balance on 3/31 $3254.75

Activity summary
Beginning balance on 3/1 $13,010.91
Deposits/Credits +$0.56
Withdrawals/Debits -$0.00
Ending balance on 3/31 $13,010.91

Putman Investments 2011 YEAR-TO-DATE


Bills to be paid
Equisure Accident and Liability $600
Mindy Aaron McElyea moves to pay bill, Heidi Brown seconds – all in favor – motion carried

Bill to Donna Welty total of $69.07 for printing, envelopes, stamps A( Nominated slate letter to members) Mindy Aaron Mc Elyea moved to pay, Heidi Brown seconds – all in favor – motion carried

Discussion ensued on status of Rescue and Putnam Fund. Donna Welty moves not release Putnam fund to NeoRescue, Inc. until contact made and status clarified. Heidi Brown seconds. All in favor – motion carried

Committee Reports

Website – Donna Welty acknowledge needs update of info. When she gets the time – will do.
Webstore – (Joe Attaway, Troy Stroud ) nothing received from Jim Hough as yet. Troy Stroud stated he had sent emails and received no response. A registered letter is to be sent to Jim Hough requesting webstore object be sent to Troy Stroud asap!
Neogram ( Troy Stroud) – next issue due in June
Membership ( Cathy DeLuca ) – Donna Welty reported currently have 81 members renewed. 32 members and subscribers did not renew. $5.00 donations designated from membership dues stated as follows: $20 to Education; $100 to Rescue; $105 to Neogram; $20 to Health; $30 to General/National fund
Health ( Dr. White) – Dr. White reported that public health testing recommends same 4 tests – refer to website for more detailed information – www.mastinohealth.com
Legislation – ( Rita Biddle ) – nothing new – remember to check emails
2011 National – NEED new showchair; South East Cane Corso club wants to use Imbimbo during National Weekend – need to establish contact; judging days and time; Need to send contracts to all judges – but need to know what other clubs will provide. Joe Attaway will ask Peggy Wolfe to be showchair.

Board members no longer on line – Troy Stroud, Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Carlos Calderon

Old Business
     Letter from Bill Goetz
     Board enters executive session.

Next Meeting – Wednesday, May 11, 2011 at 9 PM EST

Adjourned at 10:43 PM EST as moved by Donna Welty