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SUNDAY, MARCH 21, 2010
In attendance: Dr. Scalia, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Joseph Attaway, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Mindy McElyea, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann-Spruill
Absent: Heather Giallella ( sent a resignation notice from Board just prior to meeting)
Guests: Carlos Calderon

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST
Minutes from January 31/February 2, 2010 accepted as printed as moved by Joe Attaway and seconded by Mindy McElyea. Vote - all ayes

President’s Message:  Dr. Scalia summarized some of the legislative actions taken recently in CA - especially those re: anti-puppy mill proposals.

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence received: AKC Parent Club Conference emails; letter from ADSJ Advanced Institute requesting financial support from all Parent Clubs; emails requesting to be included on our mailing list; emails from Contact US on website; email from All Tame Animals; Thank you from Cesar Perdomo for acknowledging his dog’s Westminster Win. Correspondence sent: forwarded emails re; received correspondence.
A motion was made to make a donation to Dr. Penta’s ADSJ Institute of $100.00. Motion seconded by Sharon Costello. Vote - all ayes

Membership - 2nd Reading
Mindy McElyea  moved to pay Bills. Susan Vann Spruill seconded. Vote - passed with all ayes

Committee Reports

Membership: as reported by Cathy De Luca

For NeoRescue purposes, I was tallying up the rescue donations via membership renewal and this is what I got: 32 renewals @ 5 each - 160.00  PLUS 70 donated by Carol Armbrust  PLUS 25 donated by Dennis Dafnis PLUS 40 donated by Sue Griffin
Total to Rescue:  295 DLRS

Prelimary membership renewal tally is as follows: 87 individual full members; 3 subscribers renewed

31 individual members DID NOT renew     2 subscribers DID NOT renew

Neogram: Editor waiting for word on going to pdf
As a follow up to discussion at previous meeting discussion - Sharon Costello moved that the Neogram go to 3 PDF editions and 1 Annual printed copy.  Susan Vann Spruill seconded the motion. Vote taken- 8 yes -  1 No.  Motion carried. Secretary will contact webmaster to have Neogram added. As suggested per previous contact with webmaster - each club member will be able to go to club website, create their own password and thus receive the Neogram.  Anyone wanting a printed copy will contact the secretary. Postage will be assumed by club member requesting printed copy.  Dr. Scalia will compose a notice on why the Board  chose to go to PDF.

Judges’  and Public Education - Rita Biddle, Sharon Costello,Dr. Scalia, Shani Stewart-Robbins
Copies of the St. Bernard standard and the ASPNM were reviewed.  Finalized revisions will be made available soon. Secretary will forward to all BOD. Comments will be needed asap.  Dr. Scalia will be presenting a seminar for the Western Judges Association later this month.   Sharon noted that Jim Hough has been requesting materials.

Dr. Scalia informed the Board that Modern Molosser’s next edition will feature the Neapolitan.   Board member Mindy McElyea represented the USNMC at the Meet the Breeds held with the International Chicago Show.  Jessica Stites also attended. Mindy had emailed some pictures that were forwarded to the Board.

Historian - Peggy Wolfe
Sharon Costello has been sending the original documents and filling in some answers forwarded by Peggy.

Health - Dr. Scalia
Dr. Scalia reported that Lisa Cinciripini and Dr. White will be at the 2010 National to collect blood samples. Information will soon be posted on website.

Legislation - Rita Biddle
Ms. Biddle reported on the Protect My Dog in Michigan and reviewed the situation of “Sadie”

2010 National - Update
   Gazette has printed information
   Show Secretary
      Pin down Premium information by March 28
      Catalog Ads due April 27th (??)
      Entries close May 5th
      Judging Schedule May 7th
   Rhoda Winter Russell will help with Judges’ Hospitality
   Projected Trophy cost total of $1445.00
      Currently 32 trophies not sold as yet
   Information packet will be on club website

Old Business
Chattanooga Tennessee Specialty - Sept. 18 & 19 2010
   Club requesting premium information - sent in by USNMC secretary
   Waiting for Trophy list - to be submitted by Carlos Calderon
      Only one signed contract returned to date (Thank you Lena Moles)
      Carlos Calderon will contact Jim Deppen and Gonnie Schaffer

New Business
   2011 National - tabled
   Nominating Committee
   Need slate for President, Vice-President and 3 Directors

Board unappoints BOD Carlos Calderon for non-payment of dues until letter of appeal and payment occurs.

Next meeting - Sunday, April 11, 2010 at 9 PM EST

Donna Welty moves for adjournment at 11:17 PM EST
Luciano Ramos - FL Full Sponsors -lists Joe Attaway & Carlos Calderon - blank sheet
Jessica Gibbons - PA Full Sponsors - states Jim Hough, Susan Vann-Spruill - no sheets
Remo Coppola - MD Full Sponsors - Sharon Costello & Donna Welty
George Small, Jr. - MD Full Sponsors - Sharon Costello & Donna Welty
Treasurer’s Report
Business Checking

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Account Summary 1/01/2010-1/29/2010
Opening balance 01/01 $5,022.52
Deposits and other credits              $1,745.00+
Checks $    92.71-
Other withdrawls and svc. fees $    35.00-
Closing balance 01/29 $6,639.81
Deposits and Other Credit 
Date Amount Description
Total $1,745
Number Amount Date posted
1/19  (Peggy Wolfe/printing & postage dues renewals)
1/15  (Heather Welty/Foreign postage Neogram)
1/21  (Donna Welty/Postage)
Total $ 92.71
Daily Balance Summary
Dates Amount
Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary Amount
Opening balance 01/01 $13,003.37
Interest paid 0.52+
Closing balance 01/29 $13,003.89