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In Attendance: Joe Attaway, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill

Absent: Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Carlos Calderon, Mindy Aaron-McElyea ( exc.)

Meeting called to order at 9:19 PM Est.

Motion to accept minutes from February 9, 2011 Board meeting as printed made by Susan Vann-Spruill and seconded by Sharon Costello

President’s Message centered around “ramping up for the National”

Secretary’s Report:
Correspondence sent: Ballot for VP position to BOD; applications to AKC for October 20ll Regional and National Specialys; email to BOD confirming VP position to Rita Biddle; various emails on legislative issues, forwarded emails re: other clubs, health clinics, etc.
Correspondence received: email from Lena Moles; letter from Wendy Geiske, letter from Bill Goetz; thank you from Dr. Penta for donation to his judging seminar.
2nd reading of lapsed membership of Carlos Pietroniro
All in favor of renewal

Treasurer’s Report:
Basic Business Checking
Ending balance on 2/28 $3744.75

Business Performance Savings
Ending Balance on 2/28 $13,010.91

Payment sent to Rockwood, Dr. Penta and refund to Heather Webb

Committee Reports:

Website (Donna Welty) – needs updating, suggestion to add names of past National Winners

Webstore ( Troy Stroud ) waiting for items from Jim Hough

Neogram ( Troy Stroud ) will be out of end of week. Need to send Troy contact info for webmaster

Membership ( Cathy DeLuca )- note from member that we need to state what limitations of personal information to be posted on website. Will have a membership directory???

Fundraising will now be under the National Committee

Judges’ & Public Ed ( Sharon Costello ) – phone conference held- Sharon and Rita in attendance and reviewed Pierluigi Scalia Q & A for seminars.

Historian (Peggy Wolfe?) – no report

Bylaws – no report

Legislation (Rita Biddle) – no report. Donna reminded everyone to check their emails

Health ( Independent committee ) – need to reach decision or request guidelines

NeoRescue,Inc ( Independent committee) Emails sent requesting reports – no return contact has been received

2011 National - Mindy Aaron-McElyea volunteered to be current showchair. Must contact host hotel to determine Dinner Buffet choice for National Banquet. 79 trophies will be needed. Will contact Cathy DeLuca to see if all sold. Must clarify Regional to be held on Friday (Douglasville K.C.), National to be held on Saturday ( Atlanta K.C.). Joe Attaway will contact Anne Thomas to double check.

Old Business
Jim Hough Board position needs to be filled. Secretary will send email
Code of Ethics committee to be formed. Suggested possibilities Peggy Wolfe, Wendy Geiske and Joe Attaway.

New Business
Need to establish guidelines for content of E-Gram
Minutes are online – why repeat?
Announcements, events, Welcome to new members
Sharon Costello moved to table discussion, Susan Vann-Spruill seconds. Motion carried

Next meeting – Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at 9 PM EST

Adjournment at 10:36 PM EST moved by Sharon Costello