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FEBRUARY 8, 2009
In Attendance: Sharon Costello, Ingrid Fortunato, Donna Welty, Irene O’Connor, Rita Biddle, Kendail Gonzales, Jennifer Groves, Nikki Stamper, Shani Stewart-Robbins, Nydia Thornton, Cathy De Luca

Guests: Joe Attaway, Dan Renfrow

Meeting called to order at 9:08 PM EST

Nomination Committee called in to ask some questions in regards to procedure. Discussion ensued, guests signed off and regular meeting continues at 9:22 PM EST

Minutes from January 11, 2009 moved to acceptance with corrections by Nydia Thornton and seconded by Shani Stewart-Robbins.  Motion passed with all ayes.

President’s Message: None

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: various emails re: legislation, breed requests, ballot for new member vote.

Correspondence Received: email from Laurie French re: Norma Worley and Maine “Gina” legislative case; change of address for Sam Gandy (new address is 88 Mercer Ave., Hartsdale, NY 10530); change of email address for Marsha Alexander ( new email addy as of 2/4/09 will marshalica@roadrunner.com ); beautiful e-newsletter from NeoRescue, Inc; email for rescue needed in San Antonio, TX; emails from NeoRescue, Inc in response; emails in reference to 2009 National re: Palazzo’s iterinary, t-shirts, email from Cathy DeLuca re: possible potential member, letter from AKC Club Relations re: Bylaws revisions; BOD voting results re: 3 new members; an email from Mindy McElyea  in regards to person possibly applying for membership; phone calls from Bob Burns who is authoring a book on Giant Dogs requesting personal stories about Neos ( this information was posted on website and emailed to BOD and others.)  Jennifer Groves reported that she sent correspondence to Peggy Wolfe inquiring what she (Peggy) would like to help out with at Nationals. To date, no response. Phone call from Rhoda Russell Winters made to Sharon Costello requesting information in regards to Nationals. Also emails were sent requesting committee reports for tonight’s meeting and for annual meeting. Requested submission for annual meeting reports was Feb. 22.

Membership Applications - Ist Reading
Shawn Welty NJ  Full Member Sponsors - Irene O’Connor, Heather Welty
Deanna Simone Valone NY Associate Sponsor - Joe Steinfeld

Treasurer’s Report:
United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Treasurer’s Report
Irene O’Connor



USNMC Rescue 105.00
NeoGram 130.00
Membership Dues 1,415.19
2009 National Specialty Judge 48.25
2009 Trophy Donations 125.00
National Specialty Account $173.97
TOTAL RECEIPTS   $1,997.41

USNMC Monthly Website Fee  44.50
USNMC Store Paypal Exp. 23.16
NeoGram Mailings (Fall Issue)  57.67
2009 Trophy Expenses 1,638.78
TOTAL EXPENSES   $1,764.11
TOTAL PROFIT/LOSS   + $ 233.30


Account Acct. Balance TOTAL
General Account $11,789.81
National Specialty Account 5,186.49
USNMC Rescue Account   7,306.49
SUBTOTAL   $24,282.79

Putnam Fund (USNMC Rescue) $3,978.33
TOTAL   $28,261.12

Bills to be paid:
NeoGram $1,446.52
AKC $1.95
Rockwood Company $900.00 (Liability Insurance)

Banquet bill for National needs to be paid.
Donna Welty moves to pay bills, Nydia Thornton seconds. Motion passed - all ayes.


Website - Co-chairs Sharon Costello, Donna Welty
Donna had emailed Karl Groves to clarify the monthly $44.00 charge. Karl
had emailed response that this is for the hosting charge.  Jennifer Groves
further explained that we are the only ones on this server.
Neogram - editor Heather Welty
The Winter issue of the Neogram is out and we have started working on the first issue of 2009.  We have started playing with templates for the covers to avoid delays like we had with the last issue.  We are also looking for six topics to be repeated in every issue as regular columns.  We are looking for suggestions on what topics would appeal to rescue, pet owners and breeders.  Feel free to send in suggestions of what you would like to see in each issue.

For the upcoming issue we are lacking content and ads.  We are thinking of running a total black and white issue with no centerfold if we do not receive ads.  We would need to come up with a price for the cover printed in black and white.  I was thinking the same price as an inside color page ($125.00).  This would be better then running the edition with no money coming in from ads - what do you think?  I also need to know if the board would like to use the Neogram to get the info on the Bylaws out before the National meeting or if we should push this issue back for after the National?  Please let us know your decision.

We have had a bit of a mystery with the Winter Issue.  On Wednesday, January 28th, Jim Deppen called Good Impressions and asked for four additional copies of the Neogram for himself.  According to a phone conversation I had with Wendy at Good Impressions, on Thursday, January 29th, Jim was told the only copies they had left were the ones there for me to pick up.  These included the international copies that I mail out, my copy and the copies for both Donna and Shawn Welty (I have been picking these up to save on the postage) as well as the four additional copies I have set aside to mail out to members in case of any problems, and the copy for Carlo Pietroniro since he purchased the cover and back cover and his name had not been added to the membership list at time of printing.  This was a total of twelve copies.  That night, after Good Impressions had closed for the night at 5 p.m. and most of the staff had gone home, Mr. Deppen stopped by the printer to pick up my designated copies.  The only people at the printer after five that night, do not deal with the day to day running of the printer and did not know that they were not supposed to release the Neogram to anyone but me or someone I gave permission to pick up the copies.  According to my phone conversation with Wendy, twelve copies left Good Impressions.  That same night the copies were dropped off with Sharon Costello.  Sharon was not aware of how many copies were supposed to be in the box and so did not count them.  Donna Welty picked up the copies from the Costello home on Thursday January 29th.  Six copies were in the box.

I contacted the printer and asked them not to release copies to anyone but myself or someone I gave permission to in writing.  They agreed.  Upon learning that there were copies of the Neogram missing I contacted Jim.  I left him a voicemail and received an email from him the following morning.  In his email on Friday, January 30th, Jim told me that he mailed the four international copies for me and as quoted from his email:
"I asked for a copy of the magazine and I see nothing wrong with that. If you have a problem with it then so be it, but I am on this committee and I do my part as instructed.".

I emailed him back that Friday telling him that if he wanted extra copies of the Neogram they were $8.00/copy.  I also requested the receipt from his mailing of the international copies so that I could give it to Irene.  I requested that he get me the receipt and return the two copies of the Neogram.   Tonight, February 3rd I received another email from Jim stating that he will be sending the receipt for the international mailing to Irene.  He also states that he gave one copy to Carlo and one copy to Sharon Costello whose copy had been ruined in the snow.  This would account for the two copies that remained unaccounted for after the international mailings.  We are waiting to receive the receipt.  I am emailing Irene to contact me when she receives it.

I have since heard from Irene that she can not find a record of payment for the front and back covers.  I asked her to send an invoice to Carlo and call Jim.  She received a call from Carlo tonight stating that he had previously given Jim $340.00 cash to pay for the covers.  When Irene spoke with Jim the night before, he told her to invoice Carlo.

We are working on identifying how this oversight slipped through the cracks.  We thought our new system of invoicing advertisers was going to make this less likely to happen but this clearly shows there is a flaw in that system.  We will be working out a way to close any loop holes in this procedure.  Any suggestions would be welcome.

We also need to make sure that our international subscribers received their copies of the Neogram and resolve this issue.

Respectfully submitted,
Heather D. Welty

Fundraising - Chairperson Nydia Thornton
Nydia reported that the ebay fees are prohibitive and the committee will no longer
Be using ebay.  The committee will return to their efforts for a webstore.

Judges and Public Education -  Chairperson Jim Deppen
No report submitted.  Sharon Costello reported that she had spoken with J. Deppen.
Mr. Deppen gave some figures for the breed seminar in Kentucky that the board
declined participation at last month’s meeting. It was reported that the Neapolitan is
the only working breed not being represented.  Suggestions were made to see if
someone living in the area could present.  Jennifer Groves offered to contact Peggy
Wolfe to see if she could help out.

Sharon had emailed the following in reference to a possible videographer for the 2009 National:

To: sharonmcostello49@hotmail.com
Subject: Fwd: National Show
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 23:12:22 -0500
From: deppenj@netscape.net

Sharon, here is the exact correspondence between Alex and myself with regards to taping the Nationals this March. I also am working with him on creating a portion of the Video to create a movement video for JEC to demonstrate for judges since there are so few dogs available at the seminars and and we will not be faced with hunting people down to best represent the movement portion of our standard.

I am confident that we will generate enough money to cover his expenses and profit for the JEC committee for further endeavors and judging presentations.
your thoughts?

-----Original Message-----
From: Alex Cartabio <ac@dvc.us>
To: deppenj@netscape.net
Sent: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 9:35 am
Subject: National Show

Hi Jim:

Please send me the dates of your event again so I can put it in my calendar.

To confirm our conversation, I will videotape your show for $1,500 including all expenses and furnish you with 50 DVD's for your club to sell. You will give me $500 advance payment and pay the $1000 balance within 6 months.

If you need more than 50, I can make you additional copies @ $5 each in lots of 10 + $5 shipping per 10 units.

I can also make VHS tapes if you let me know how many in advance, in lots of 10.

I can build you a site like this one to sell these using PayPal: http://mckc.dvc.us/
Also, if you like, I can lay out an add for the catalog ( see attached sample ) to promote sales.  I suggest you sell these for $49 shipped, but that's up to you. You will net about $800 for your club after subtractiong my production fee and shipping cost.

This is my website: http://www.dogshow.us

If you need to call me, my phone is 516.826.0199
-- Alex Cartabio

Domino Video Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 2244 Seaford, NY 11783
Dog Show Videographers, New York
Discussion ensued.  Nydia Thornton offered to shop around for other videographers to compare prices and services offered.

Health - Chairman Dr. Pierluigi Scalia
No report submitted.

2009 Nationals and Awards - Showchair Jennifer Groves. Co -Chair - Cathy DeLuca
Jennifer reported that the committee is waiting for the original artwork. T-Shirts,
Mugs and Drool Towels will be ordered for sale to members.  A posting asking
for $25 donations to cover cost of judge has been posted on website. Anyone
donating will receive a t-shirt.

Legislation - Chairperson Rita Biddle
Discussion on some of the current issues regarding legislation ensued

Historian - Chairperson Donna Welty
No report

Ethics - Chairperson Shani Stewart- Robbins
No report

Membership - Chairperson  Cathy DeLuca
Welcome to new associate members Troy Stroud (MI) and Jim Hough (IL).  Lena Moles (TX) has now achieved full membership. To date, have received 46 full
Member renewals, 17 associate renewals and 1 international. Donna Welty inquired if any members had voiced disapproval with the new Code of Ethics. It was reported
that one member had communicated that they were signing under protest. Members have until March 1 to send in their renewals.

Bylaws - No chair
Donna Welty reported that she is in receipt of a letter this past week from AKC.
AKC had made 3 pages of suggested additions and corrections. Once the corrections/ additions are made, the AKC further states that the bylaws should be sent to members    for vote.  Once the results are tallied, we are to notify the AKC of the tally, and send a copy of the bylaws if passed.

Local Clubs - Chairperson Irene O’Connor
No report

Procedure Revisions - Chairperson Donna Welty
No meeting as yet.

Rescue - Chairperson Shani Stewart - Robbins
Due to the delay from the IRS granting 501c3 status, Shani had sent an email with a motion to amend the established criteria for a rescue -the section of the email is as follows - please note the amendment is in red -
Additional Criteria Required:
Before the USNMC can decide to act on a proposal the following information / items are needed.
Sample Constitution and Bylaws
Standard Operating Procedures
Insurance Binder
Incorporation Papers
501c3 documentation (at minimum, the organization must have filed an IRS application for non-profit status with status pending)
Statement or Philosophy of support by the Rescue organization of the Parent Club on an on-going basis

Rita Biddle seconded the motion. After discussion, a vote was taken - 9 ayes, 1 nay.
Motion carried.  Shani Stewart-Robbins then requested that the established endowment of $2500.00 be made to NeoResue, Inc for the first quarter of 2009. Nydia Thornton moved to pay the established $2500.00 to NeoRescue, Inc. 

Rita Biddle seconds the motion. Vote taken.  All ayes. Motion carried. 

The Board requested quarterly statistics reports from NeoRescue, Inc.  A quarterly schedule was established for further endowments of $2500.00 to be given on April 1st, July 1st. and October 1st.  Rita Biddle moved to commence the endowments as of April 1, 2009.  Donna Welty seconded. Vote taken - all ayes

Bylaws revisions update/ mailing/vote to membership will occur after the membership   renewals have been received and uploaded to database.

Mailing of welcome letter to Nationals, agenda items, banquet information and tri-fold
to go out to members by end of this coming week.  Sharon Costello had requested that information on the coming election be included.

Nomination Committee has been formed and will be creating the slate for 2009-2011.
Donna Welty requested that all committees submit their written reports for the Annual
Meeting by March 1st.

Next meeting:  Sunday, March 8, 2009 9 PM EST

Adjournment moved by Donna Welty at 11:12 PM EST