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In attendance: Dr. Scalia; Heather Giallella; Donna Welty; Rita Biddle; Heidi Brown; Carlos Calderon; Nydia Thornton; Susan Vann-Spruill
Absent: Sharon Costello, Mindy McElyea, Joe Attaway (???)

Note: Meeting will be for one hour only!

Meeting called to order at 9:04 PM EST by President Scalia

2010 National
     Clarification of prices of seminar and bag lunch- $20 for seminar and bag lunch
     Clarification on raffle price and minimum ticket purchase-
     Donated Neo Portrait valued at $750
     Donated ad in Modern Molosser valued at $250
(Wasn’t there a donation of a two night stay at the Lemon Tree???)
          $10 per individual ticket
          $45 for 5 tickets

     Catalog Ads-
           Due by?
          Send to show secretary
          Janis McManigal of Riverside, CA.  Her address is: 5946 Copperfield Ave.
            Riverside, CA.  92506   Phone:  951-682-3812
          Website: www.dogshowsecretary.com and email is
     Mailing of Premium Date- still not determined
     Trophy cut off date - was January 31
     Awards Chair - Kim Vipond
     Banquet Information - final cost, menu
          Banquet cost tentative $45.00 per serson
          - choice of marinated chicken or -pork
          Dr. Scalia will be contacting Sheraton

Old Business
     Dr. Scalia volunteered to compose a letter congratulating first obedience title earned by Neo Bella Maestoto CD owned by Lesley A. Miller of PA

New Business
     Suggested locations of future Nationals- tabled due to time
     Judge selection for future Nationals- tabled due to time
     Election of Pres, VP and 3 BOD ( per our new bylaws ) are scheduled for 2010 -
     Nomination committee must be formed.  Email will be sent to ask for board
     volunteer to chair.
     Subject of ATIMANA and future of our membership was broached by Dr. Scalia

     Need status update on Chattanooga K.C. Specialty for Sept. 18 and 19 of 2010
     JUDGES - Sat - 9/18 - Sweeps - Lena Moles, Classes - Jim Deppen
     Sunday - 9/19 - Classes - Gonnie Schaffer

Meeting adjourned at 10:55 as moved by Rita Biddle

Next meeting  - Sunday,  March 21, 2010 at 9PM EST
Treasurer’s Report
None submitted - would be the same as January 10th submitted report

Committee Reports:
     Membership: Membership renewal is progressing. We have approx 55 renewals to date and we will not know the final number of the full count of members until the March 2, 2010 deadline.
At the expiration of the deadline, Sharon Costello should (1) keep a copy of all renewals and new apps for her records, (2) immediately send the ORIGINALS of all renewals and new membership applications to the Secretary, and (3) immediately send copies of same to membership Chair for retention and database update. It is probably a good idea to have these renewal forms and apps scanned to a pdf to prevent loss for the future.

I will have a new and functioning computer by then and the database will be updated.
As was previously announced at a past BOD meeting, after the membership renewal is over, the membership Committee will proceed to survey and seek to bring past members back to the USNMC and seek to rally new members to the Club.
Also, the Membership Committee was never asked for suggestions or input to the membership portion prior to the launching of the new website so it was assumed that this was being done by the watchful eye of the BOD.
I contacted Joe Attaway via email several weeks ago to let him know that Associate membership was STILL mentioned on the new website and that the membership procedure was incorrect. Also the sponsorship forms (we can still use the old ones) are not on the site so those will need to be uploaded. Truthfully, the app, COE and sponsorship forms should all be in one pdf for ease of use for anyone who wants to join the USNMC.
Cathy DeLuca, on behalf of the Membership Committee

     New Site is up and running. Working on getting the kinks out! I personally would like to thank Barbara Laird for all her unending and patient help. Her warmth and professionalism is deeply appreciated.

     Spoke with Heather the other day. She had not received President’s message or write up for change of status of printing of Neogram at that time.  She thinks her emails may not be going through to Dr. Scalia. I gave her the gmail addy.

     Email received from Jim Hough and forwarded to all BOD re:Promotion of the 2010 CA National Specialty in Dog Days LA magazine. Discussion ensued centered on the cost of the ad and its potential to reach a Neapolitan audience. Donna Welty moved to reject the ad.  Mindy McElyea seconded the motion. Vote taken - all ayes in favor of not pursuing the ad.

Judges’ & Public Ed:
     Discussion on breed standard presentation scheduled for Westminster. ( Now 10:50 PM EST - Heather Giallella and Sharon Costello drop off line)

Donna Welty will be asking Peggy Wolfe to assume chair position. Due to Donna’s many obligations and time constraints Donna feels that she can not give her best at this time.

Bylaws: tabled

Health: tabled


Legislation: tabled

NeoRescue, INC - no report

Due to lateness of hour and BOD work schedules,  Rita Biddle moves to adjourn meeting at 11:01 PM EST. Meeting will continue on Tuesday, February 2, 2010 at 9 PM EST. Agenda will consist of remaining items on this agenda as listed below.

2010 National
     Clarification of prices of seminar and bag lunch
     Clarification on raffle price and minimum ticket purchase
     Catalog Ads- Due by? Send to?
     Mailing of Premium Date
     Trophy cut off date
     Awards Chair
     Banquet Information - final cost, menu

Old Business

New Business
     Suggested locations of future Nationals
     Judge selection for future Nationals
     Election of Pres, VP and 3 BOD ( per our new bylaws )


Next meeting? 
In attendance: Dr. Pierluigi Scalia; Heather Giallella; Donna Welty;  Sharon Costello; Joseph Attaway; Rita Biddle;Heidi Brown; Carlos Calderon; Mindy McElyea; Susan Vann Spruill
Absent: Nydia Thornton
Guests: Shani Stewart-Robbins; Ted DeLuca; Stephanie Paulicelli, Brian King

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST
Donna Welty moves to enter executive session. Seconded by Heather Giallella. 
Donna Welty moves to end executive session at 9:49 PM EST.  Seconded by Rita Biddle

Minutes from January 10, 2010 accepted with corrections.
Moved by Donna Welty  Seconded by Sharon Costello  Vote taken - all ayes

President’s Message: none tonight

Secretary’s Report: Correspondence sent: emails to BOD re: AKC announcements ( Eukanuba Breeders Stakes, AKC Canine Partners, Grand Champion Competition Information, Barkfest at Bonhams );  info dog on TarHeel Cluster; replies to Contact Us from website

Correspondence received: letter from Lisa Cinciripini re: judging of Sweeps for 2010 National, emails requesting being added to USNMC mailing list; email from International Kennel Club of Chicago re: Meet the Breeds; various emails from Jim Hough on fundraising and arrangements for National; emails from Sharon Costello re: membership renewals and new applicants; email from Ohio State Park Lodges; emails from Peggy Wolfe asking for clarification of 2010 National information printed; email from Sue Godek requesting mentoring information;

New Member Applications - 2nd Reading
Adrian Sanchez - CA Full Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia and Anthony Gomez
Ernesto Campo& Kim Vipond - CA Full - Family Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia and Anthony Gomez
William McGill & Patrick McGill - CA Full - Family Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia and Anthony Gomez
New Member Applications - 1st Reading
Susan Bruck - IN Full Sponsors - Charina Smith and ?? (missing 2nd sponsor - put on hold
Ernesto Campo& Kim Vipond - CA Full Sponsors -lists Joe Attaway & Carlos Calderon - blank sheet - on hold
William McGill & Patrick McGill - CA Full Sponsors - states Jim Hough, Susan Vann-Spruill - no sheets - on hold
Remo Coppola - MD Full Sponsors - Sharon Costello & Donna Welty
George Small, Jr. - MD Full Sponsors - Sharon Costello & Donna Welty
Gregory Gill - MD Full Sponsors - George Small listed - none needed - no vote needed
David Adam Brason - MD Full None needed - no vote needed
William Schaffer - PA Full None needed - no vote needed
Rick Atherson - WA Full None needed - no vote needed
February 2, 2010
(continued from January 31, 2010 meeting)