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Please be advised that Wachovia is now part of Wells Fargo. Over the weekend of February 5,2011,most Wachovia business deposit and loan
accounts will convert to Wells Fargo.

Update on Non-Profit Status
Treasurer received on member application from Heather Webb - no sponsors were included and the couple marked full family subscription. Secretary will call or email to clarify.
Bills to be paid include the following:
     Webmaster’s yearly fee is due by Jan. 15th
     Troy Stroud -$144.27 travel costs for breed seminar
     Donna Welty - $168.86 for postage, copying costs and supplies
Mindy Aaron-McElyea moves to pay bills. Heidi Brown seconds. All ayes - motion passed.
Treasurer asked that a motion be made to pay AKC Show Application for Oct. National. $50 for Friday’s show and $50 for National. So moved by Mindy Aaron- McElyea and seconded by Rita Biddle - all ayes - motion passed
To date, 37 membership renewals have been returned

Due to time constraints and importance of some topics - Committee reports will be excused from tonight’s meeting.  Was noted that Secretary should contact NeoRescue, INC for an update.

2011 National - Show chair has resigned from BOD. Board agreed that with all the work that has been accomplished by Mr. Hough - perhaps we could leave his name as chair and seek an assistant chair from this point on. Cathy DeLuca’s name was suggested and Joe Attaway will contact her.

New Business
     Board Positions available
          The Board needs to appoint a VP since Joe has moved up to President due to Dr. Dafnis’s resignation. Carlos Calderon nominates himself for VP. Troy Stroud nominated Rita Biddle for VP.  Secretary will send out an email ballot requesting each board members’ choice.

     These will result in two open board positions that will need to be filled until the next election. Several names were mentioned but since membership renewals are not all in - decided to wait.

Secretary had contacted Michael Liosis and the COE is suppose to be put to membership for a vote. Suggested that any needed corrections/additions be made, a cover letter created and mailed to all who were members as of Dec. 31.

Next meeting - Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 9 PM EST

Adjourned at 11:02 PM ESt as moved by Sharon Costello
Attendance:  Joe Attaway, Donna Welty, Sharon Costello, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Carlos Calderon, Mindy Aaron-McElyea, Troy Stroud, Susan Vann-Spruill

Guest: Dr. Robin White

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM ESTby President Attaway

Dr. White summarized the Mastino Health Foundation’s goals and its plans for the future. Dr. White had sent emails on Dec. 2, 2010 regarding CHIC, Mastino Link and direct health info thru the MHF. Pros and cons of different health tests was discussed at this time. Not all board members received all of the emails, Dr. White resent them to the board and it was decided that any decisions would be made after everyone read all the information. Topic will be on next month’s agenda. Dr. White signed off at 10:10 EST.

Motion made by Mindy Aaron-McElyea to accept minutes from November 10, 2010 as printed. Seconded by Troy Stroud. Minutes passed.

President’s Message: President Attaway expressed his faith in the current board and asked that we address the issues on the agenda.

Secretary’s Report:
     Correspondence sent: various legislative alerts from AKC
     Correspondence received: email from Treasurer about Franchise Tax Payment; email stating Carl Vitner to be National Sweepstakes judge; letter from AKC Events stating all paperwork from Lansing. MI has been closed out; letter from AKC Events stating all paperwork from East Ridge, TN has been closed out. AKC mentions that we have these corresponding dates for 2011 - need to fill out paperwork; letter from Dr. Gerard Penta re: ADSJ Advanced Institute asking for a donation from the Parent Club. Need to clarify Jim Hough’s resignation letter. Troy Stoud or Joe Attaway will call him.

Treasurer’s Report:
     As emailed to all BOD on January 12, 2011
United states Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Business Checking

Account Summary
Opening balance 12/01  $1,815.14
Deposits and other credits $868.80+
Other withdrawals and service fees $168.71-
Closing balance 10/29 $2,515.23
Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary
Opening balance 12/01    $13,009.32
Interest paid  $0.55+
Closing balance 10/29 $13,009.87
Date  Amount Description
12/06  $136.80 Credit Paypal  Transfer
12/10   $207.00 Deposit
12/23 $220.00 Deposit
12/29 $305.00 Deposit
Total $868.80
Deposits and Other Credits
Other Withdrawals and Service Fees
Date  Amount Description
12/20  $19.00 Delaware Inc (Annual Francise Fee State of Delaware)
12/20 $109.71 Edible Arrangement (Cathy DeLuca)
12/29  $40.00 deposited item Returned(dues renewal)
Total $168.71