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In attendance: Dr. Pierluigi Scalia, Donna Welty. Sharon Costello, Joseph Attaway, Rita Biddle, Heidi Brown, Carlos Calderon, Mindy McElyea, Nydia Thornton, Susan Vann-Spruill
Absent: Heather Giallella

Meeting called to order at 9:05 PM EST

Minutes from November 8, 2009 moved for acceptance as printed by Heidi Brown. Seconded by Joe Attaway. Vote taken - passed all ayes.  Please note that there was no Board meeting for December.

President’s Message: Dr. Scalia gave a summary of the activities scheduled for Judges’ Education. Kudos were offered for new club member Jim Hough and all his efforts to promote our 2010 National.

Secretary’s Report - Correspondence sent: Our membership list sent to AKC as requested by AKC; Emails on the 2010 National, our new website, board matters, legislative updates; phone calls and emails to AKC Events re: AKC Compliance Form, Officer Update, Permission to hold Sweepstakes.

Correspondence received: Emails re: Trophies; Neogram report; letter from AKC re: Foreign Judges

New Member Applications - 1st reading of Names
Adrian Sanchez
Full Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia
and Anthony Gomez
Ernesto Campo& Kim Vipond
Full - Family Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia
and Anthony Gomez
William McGill & Patrick McGill
Full - Family Sponsors - Pierluigi Scalia
and Anthony Gomez
Donna Welty moved that due to the time constraints imposed by AKC and the deadlines for our impending National to grant Adrian Sanchez membership so that he may assume the position of show chair for our 2010 National Specialty therefore  waiving the two reading ruling in these extenuating circumstances. Sharon Costello seconded the motion. Vote taken - all ayes.

Treasurer’s Report
Business Checking

United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club
Account Summary
Opening balance 12/01 $5037.34
Deposits and other credits              $1,400.00+
Checks $1,414.82-
Closing balance 12/31 $5022.42
Deposits and Other Credit 
Date Amount Description
12/08 $500.00 AUTOMATED CREDIT PAYPAL  TRANSFER ( 2010 Trophy Pledges rec. thru paypal.)
12/15 $100.00 DEPOSIT (2010 Trophy Pledge)
12/28 $370.00 DEPOSIT (2010 Trophy Pledge & Dues renewals)
12/31 $430.00 DEPOSIT (2010 Trophy Pledge & Dues renewals)
Total $1,400.00
Number Amount Date posted
1126 $1,414.82 12/17
Total $1,414.82
Daily Balance Summary
Dates Amount
12/08 $5,537.34
12/15 $5,637.34 
12/17 $4,222.52 
12/28 $4,592.52
12/31 $5,022.52
Small Business High Performance Mm
Account Summary Amount
Opening balance 12/01 $13,002.82
Interest paid 0.55+
Closing balance 12/31 $13,003.37
Mrs. Costello noted that the check sent for the Sheraton ( 2010 National) has not cleared as yet
New Bills to be paid:
$69.31 to Dr. Scalia for printing for Eukanuba - Rita Biddle moves for payment, Susan Vann Spruill seconds, vote - all ayes
$44.44 to Peggy Wolfe for printing & mailing of membership renewals- Mindy McElyea moves for payment, Rita Biddle seconds, vote - all ayes
$37.39 to Heather Welty for international postage of Neogram - Mindy McElyea moves for payment, Rita Biddle seconds, vote - all ayes
$1,414.82 to Good Impressions for printing and mailing of Neogram. Donna Welty moves for payment, Mindy McElyea seconds, vote - all ayes
$11.80 to Donna Welty for club postage. Mindy McElyea moves for payment, Susan Vann Spruill seconds, vote - all ayes

Committee Reports
Membership - Membership renewals have been mailed. New member applications have been submitted.
Website - New website should be up and functioning within a day or two.
Neogram - below report sent via email from editor, Heather Welty
This edition of the Neogram is coming along nicely.  We have plenty of articles and information to share with our readers.  We are still waiting on a President's message.  I should have everything pulled together early next week to proof before sending to the printers.  As far as I know there have been no ads paid for as of yet.  If we do not receive any ads we still have to run this issue with the membership list.  I propose we do a black and white issue if nothing comes in.  This will save what money we can instead of wasting color pages when they have not been paid for.

Discussion held - president’s message was sent in; the cost of publishing and mailing the Neogram is prohibitive; our members  spend money advertising elsewhere. Suggestion made to see if can use pdf format for Neogram on our website. Donna will contact webmaster, Barbara Laird, to see if feasible. Suggestion made to have 3 pdf’s and one end of year printed edition.  More to follow.
Fundraising - Online store will be on club website, the raffle for the National is also on the website. Jim Hough has been very motivated and most helpful.
Judges’ and Public Education -Summary of recent breed presentations. Printed breed standard has had some pictorial changes made
- no report
Bylaws - In process of checking out reported printed difference
Health - Lisa Cinciripini and Dr. Robin White have submitted articles  for the Neogram
Ethics - Board entered executive session
Legislation - updates given on Missouri, and California.  The movement to request that the IRS investigate the HSUS non-profit state and their involvement with “lobbying” was discussed - along with the confiscation of the dogs in the Murder Hollow case in PA.
NeoRescue, Inc - no report
2010 National - Update (Sharon Costello left the meeting at this point)
• Mr. Sanchez will be Show Chair
• Mr. Campo will be Trophy Chair
• Mrs. Vipond will chair the Raffle
• Mr.’s McGill will be in charge of the grounds
• Sweepstakes Judge will be Susan Sholar
• Show Secretary will be Janis McManigal,
   5946 Copperfield Ave., Riverside, CA. 92506 Phone: 951-682-3812
   www.dogshowsecretary.com and Janis's email is janis@dogshowsecretary.com
   Ms. McManigal will file AKC paperwork, do show premium, judges’    schedule,  16 pg. catalog, postage for $576.00 - if we want a 20 pg.
   catalog - cost will be $622. Mindy McElyea moved to contract the $576.00 package. Joe Attaway seconds - vote taken - all those remaining voted
• Raffle portrait donated by artist Cheryl Obryan.  A free ad in the catalog and the Neogram to serve as a Thank you.
• Advertising / Venders will be done by Jim Hough
• Ribbons ?
Old Business
• Raleigh Supported Entry will be posted on new website
• Tennessesse Specialtys - need trophy list - Carlena Gilstrap
   Still need discussion on payment to judges, ribbons
   Donation of $600 forthcoming
New Business
• Need to start planning 2011 National, Judge Selection
• Location - Georgia offered - waiting for rest of paperwork so that BOD can vote
•  We have received notification that a Neapolitan has received the first
   Obedience Title since we have gone AKC.
• Lesley Miller of PA is the proud owner/trainer/handler of Bella.  Waiting for
  conformation from AKC Title Report

Rita Biddle moved for adjournment at 11:06 PM

Next meeting, Sunday, February 7, 2010 at 9 PM EST