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Mentor List

Below is a list of AKC Judges and Neapolitan Mastiff Breeders who meet the necessary requirements of the AKC to become an approved Parent Club Mentor of the Neapolitan Mastiff. This list was updated effective January 1, 2008 to reflect those individuals who continue to remain active in the breed, and in the club.

Included is the Ringside Observations Criterion for all aspiring judges taken directly from the AKC Judges Operations Department.
State Name Telephone Background
MN Podgorski, Frank 612-791-3242 AKC Judge, Breeder
KY Hospodar, Janet 270-365-2527 AKC Judge, Breeder
KY Wolfe, Peggy 270-365-2527 AKC Judge, Breeder
MI Biddle, Rita 517-626-6844 AKC Judge
MN Podgorski, Frank 612-791-3242 AKC Judge, Breeder
NJ Costello, Charles 908-454-8100 AKC Judge, Breeder
NJ Costello, Sharon 908-454-8100 AKC Judge, Breeder
NJ Schaffer, Gonnie 609-561-8657 AKC Judge, Breeder
NJ Tuff, Marjorie 732-780-0942 AKC Judge
PA Allen, Sherilyn VMD 610-367-6446 AKC Judge, Breeder
PA Jim Deppen 610-298-2313 AKC Judge, Breeder
TX Russell, Rhoda Winter 512-445-6013 AKC Judge
WA Shani Stewart Robbins 253-223-3168 Breeder
WA Cinciripini, Lisa & Joe 360-357-4309 Breeder