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A club is only as strong as its members! The support of club members is not only a requirement of increasing the strength of any club - but a sign of growth. Different people coming together to share their talents and their expertise is invaluable if one is to grow not only as a club but also as individuals dedicated to their breed.

Below you will find a listing of the committees that are functioning within the USNMC.

Read over the description of each committee. If you feel that you would like to be part of any of them, contact anyone listed as already on the committee and offer your help.

Membership Committee

Membership plays a major role in any club. Needless to say, without members there would be no club. Serving on the membership committee will give you the opportunity to reach out to fellow Neo lovers and to help us grow. Recruiting new members, making new applicants feel welcome, and providing them with support and sending out yearly club dues renewals are a part of the committee's task.

Come with your ideas, time, and enthusiasm to serve on this committee. We all have something in common, - we love this breed! Volunteers should contact any Committee Member.  Current Committee Members are:

Lena Moles    979-357-2703    dogma908@yahoo.com
Rachel Hosking    985-713-1321   usnmctreasurer@gmail.com
Bill Goetz     828-803-5087    centurianmastini@hotmail.com

Judges and Public Education

Judges Education (and mentoring) is involved in revising and updating the USNMC Commentary portion of the breed Standard. Our presenters will be able to utilize this material as one of the Components used for the AKC Judges' Education Seminars

Gonnie Shaffer    609-561-8657    ottomus1@hotmail.com
Lena Moles    979-357-2703    dogma908@yahoo.com
Robin White, DVM    541-206-7707    rwhitedvm@gmail.com
Bill Goetz     828-803-5087    centurianmastini@hotmail.com
Rachel Hosking    985-713-1321    rhoski1@aol.com
Jessica Gibbons    570-470-4907    jegibbons@hotmail.com
Alaina Perriet   337-315-0716    apierret@wildblue.net
Rita Biddle    517-626-6844    ritabiddle@aol.com
Cathy Deluca    516-483-1835    catmastino@gmail.com

Neogram and Mastino Monitor

The NeoGram is the official printed publication of the United States Neapolitan Mastiff Club and is printed and mailed once yearly.  This issue is to serve as the year-end review and and includes National and Regional Specialty show coverage, Westminster and Eukenuba show results, Meet The Breed activities and lots of other interesting information.

In 2010 this yearly format was adopted by the board and an e-newsletter was created to provide information throughout the year.  This emailed newsletter, the Mastino Monitor, is emailed to members who provide a valid email address on a bi-monthly basis.  It is printed and mailed to those members without email.

If you wish to contribute to the Neogram or join this committee contact

Alaina Pierret   337-315-0716   apierret@wildblue.net (chair)
Carol Armbrust   216-371-4104   collectiblecarol@aol.com
Peggy Wolfe   270-963-0772   margaret.peggy.wolfe@gmail.com


This is an area where communication really comes through to YOU, the members of the USNMC. As we all have different levels of interest and expertise in the “net”, our website should be constantly up to date as a reference tool for our club members and for those interested in our breed. The website is the perfect place to check on anti-dog legislation.

If you have an article of interest, news of a local show where Neos will be attending, or news of proposed local legislation or if you want to join the website committee- contact any member of the website committee. 

Mike McDonald   318-664-0793   mwmharley@gmail.com (chair)
Peggy Wolfe  270-963-0772    margaret.peggy.wolfe@gmail.com

Website Advertising SubCommittee

Mike McDonald   318-664-0793   mwmharley@gmail.com (chair)
Rachel Hosking   985-713-1321   usnmctreasurer@gmail.com
Alaina Pierret   337-315-0716   apierret@wildblue.net

By-Laws Review Committee

Bylaws contain the basic framework for the structure and function of the USNMC. This committee will give its members the opportunity to review and propose changes and amendments to the current bylaws if and when needed. The committee will also regularly report to the members and poll the membership for ideas and input on any changes.

If you are interested in joining this committee contact

Peggy Wolfe (chair)   270-963-0772   margaret.peggy.wolfe@gmail.com
Alaina Pierret  337-315-0716   apierret@wildblue.net
Debbie Priester   540-582-3939   fou.paws@yahoo.com
John Grimes   540-541-5254   ohiovet@ymail.com